I bought fitness equipment from Gym Fites S.L, from Malaga , Spain. It cost me 27650 euros , I was in Malaga, met the owner , Mr. Sergio Santos Berrocal , i was in his gym, i saw some equipment there and another part in another gym closed. I va paied the price and he told me that will ship the equipment in few days. Now we are on 23 february and i received only lies, starting from 2 february when he said that the shippment was sent and added me pics with the cargo. I ve checked with that company and was a lie. Few days ago I was again in Malaga, I m from Romania, and make a denonce in justice against his company. So be aware about this guy who sell on millanuncios and other websites from Spain. He have few companies and use them to cheat people.
This is one of his websites: http://www.gymtotal.es, www.proteinasalcoste.com and maybe have more. I have documents, all to show his fraud!