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    Australia job vacances apply now

    This is a job scam

    Contact Info < [email protected]>
    To carnivalcareerauinfo < [email protected]>
    Sent Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7:52 PM

    Carnival Cruise Line Australia: 15 Mount Street, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia (800) 7547419 Website: http://www.carnivalaustralia.com/Email: [email protected]

    Dear friends and Colleagues,

    Mail your CV/ Application TO ([email protected])

    Employment aboard the ship is seasonal Carnival Cruise Line Australia has operated successfully for years now and many crew members have returned season after season. Ten to fifteen year terms are not uncommon - One stayed 23 seasons and another returned for a second stint after having completed 11 seasons earlier.
    The Carnival Cruise Line Australia urgently needs the services of devoted and hardworking people who are ready to work after undergoing enlistment training in Australia or any part of Europe. You should contact us immediately for job placement here (where happiness means the world). The management intends to increase its manpower base due to increasing number of customers in our Cruise Linear. The company management needs workers to sum up with the already registered staffs.

    1. Accommodation Provided by company
    2. Ticket to Australia Provided by company (Including during Vacation)
    3. Medical Provided by company.
    4. Transportation Provided by company.
    5. Working hours 9a.m----5p.m [Mon--Fri]
    6. Vacation 60 days every year
    7. Salary ($ 4,000-10,500 AUD Per Month)
    8. Contract 6 months, 1 year & 2 years. (All depends on you)
    9. Extra time AUD $65 per hour
    10. Insurance and Pension According to Australia Labour laws

    and other related disciplines. CONDITIONS/SALARY INDICATION:
    (A) 40,000.00 --140,000.00 AUD (quarterly) depending on qualifications and experiences negotiable.


    —ACOUNTING—Senior Auditor, Junior Auditor, Accountant, Controller, Computerized Accounting, Staff Accountant—BEAUTYSALON—
    Salon Manager, Assistant Salon Manager, Beautician, Hair Stylist, Barber, Message Therapist, Cosmetologist, Nail Technicians, Aerobic and Fitness Instructors, Alternative Instructors, Acupuncturist—CASINO—Casino Manager, Assistant Casino Manager, Casino Dealer, Slot Technician—CLERGY—Priest, Minister, Rabbi, Reverend—CRUISESTAFF—Cruise Director, Assistant Cruise Director, Cruise Staff, Gentlemen Dance Host, Youth Activities Coordinator, Fitness Instructor, Aerobics Instructor, French Instructor, German Instructor, Water Sport Scuba, Water Sports Scuba Diving Instructor, Port Lecturer, Television Technician, Videographer, International Host & Hostess, Administrative Assistant—DECK—Captain, Staff Captain, First Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer, Junior Third Officer, Deck Engine Mechanic, Navigation Officer, Safety
    Officer, Security Personnel, Chief Radio Officer, Radio Officer, Quarter Master, Carpenter, Ordinary Seaman, Able Seaman Entry Level, Able Seaman Limited, Abel Seaman Special, Able Seaman Unlimited, Splicer Joiner, Seaman Surveyor, Deck Utility man, Deck Hand, Deck Cadet—ENGINE—Chief Engineer, Staff Chief Engineer, First Engineer, Second Engineer, Third Engineer, Junior Third Engineer, Engine Cadet, Hotel Service Engineer, Chief Electrical Engineer,Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Electronic Engineer Junior, Chief Refrigeration Engineer, Refrigeration Engineer, Engine Storekeeper, Motorman, Fitter, Oiler, Wiper (Engine Utility Man), Plumber Upholsterer
    —ENTERTAINMENT—Guest Entertainer, Lounger Performer, Show Signer, Production Vocalist, Show Dancer, Dance Troupes and Performers, Production Manager, Assistant Production Manager, Stage Manager, Backstage Manager, Disc Jockey, Sound Light Technician, Video Technician, Show band Musician Piano, Cocktail Pianist, Piano Bar Entertainer, Show band Musician Trumpet, Show band Musician Trombone, Show band Musician Saxophone Reeds, Show band Musician Drums, Show band Musician Bass, Show band Musician Guitar, Guitar Soloist, Keyboard Soloist, Guest Band Musician, Classic Rock Musicians, R and B Musicians, Country Musicians, Instrumentalists, Cabaret Actors, Comedians—FOODAND BEVERAGE—Food and Beverage Director, Assistant Food and Beverage Director, Restaurant Manager, Maitre d, Head Waiter Waitress, Jr. Waiter, Dining Room Manager, Sommelier Wine Steward Stewardess, Dining room Waiter Waitress, Dining room Buffet Man, Restaurant Hostess, Bar Manager, Assistant Bar Manager, Bar Supervisor, Assistant Bar Supervisor, Bar Accountant, Bar Waiter Waitress, Bartender, Bar Steward & Stewardess, Snack Steward Stewardess, Bar Utility, Bar Boy, Buffet Steward & Stewardess, Busboy—GALLEY—Executive Chef, Assistant Executive Chef, Souse Chief, Chef Tournant, First Cook, Second Cook, Third Cook, Vegetable Cook, Cook Trainee, Crew Cook, Crew Cook Assistant, Crew Cook Utility, Officer Mess man, Staff Mess man, Provision Store keeper, Butcher Supervisor, Assistant Butcher Supervisor, Butcher, Butcher Trainee, Butcher Utility, Pastry Chef, Assistant Pastry Chef, First Pastry man, Second Pastry man, Third Pastry man, Baker Supervisor, Assistant Baker Supervisor, First Baker, Second Baker, Third Baker, Baker Trainee, Pantry Man, Dishwasher, Pot washer, Ice Carver
    —GIFTSHOP—Gift Shop Manager, Assistant Shop Manager, Retail Sales Person, Florist
    —GUESTLECTURERS—Destination Speaker, Special Interest Speaker/Lecturer, Port/Shopping Lecturer,—HOTEL—Passenger Service Director, Chief Purser, Assistant Hotel Manager, Deputy Purser, Second Purser, Assistant Purser, Computer Technician, Junior Assistant Purser, Crew Purser, Assistance Crew Purser, Receptionist, Guest Service Coordinator, Guest Service Associate, Hotel Assistant, Shore Excursion Manager, Assistant Shore Excursion Manager, Cruise Sales Consultant, Hotel Controller, Senior Auditor Hotel Operations, Junior Auditor Hotel Operations, Night Auditor, Printer Desktop Publishing and Applications, Yeoman, Chief Yeoman, Locket Attendant—–HOUSEKEEPING—Chief Housekeeping Assistant Chief Housekeeper, Floor Supervisor, Head Room Steward, Cabin Steward Stewardess, Assistant Cabin Steward Stewardess, Bell Captain, Bell Boy, Utility Cleaner, Laundry Supervisor, Assistant Laundry Supervisor, Laundry Keeper, Laundry man, Linen Keeper, Pool AttendantHUMANRESOURCES—Human Resources Manager, Training and Development Manager, Crew Staff Administration, Crew Staff Administration Assistant—INFORMATIONSYSTEMS—Shipboard information Systems Manager, Coordinator Computer Desktop Applications, Computer Accounting Applications, Computer Maintenance, Computer Applications, Computer System Hardware Technician, Computer System Administration Manager, Internet Manager—INSTRUCTORS—Bridge Instructor, Golf Instructor, Scuba Diving/Water Sports Instructor, Arts and Crafts, Dance Instructor, Texas 42 Instructor, Caricature Artist—–MEDICAL—–Chief Doctor, Crew Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Chief Nurse, Nurse—PHOTO—Photo Manager, Assistant Photo Manager, Photographer, Junior Photographer, Videographer

    Do you have a dream working in Australia? We have more than 445 different positions available, interested candidates should forward their
    RESUME/CV or Application letter to Mrs. Lucy Shacklady via email on ([email protected] )so we can start the processing of he/her visa/working permit immediately at the Australia Department of Immigration Office here in Sydney.
    Please spread our vacancy info to all your family members or if you know of any friends who may be interested in such work please ask them to contact us at ([email protected]) for work replacement in our Cruise Line Australia.

    Thanks & Regards

    Carnival Cruise Line Australia

    Email:[email protected]
    15 Mount Street, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia (800) 7547419

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    Re: Australia job vacances apply now

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