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Attention Sir/Madam,

We are currently Offering, Commercial loan, Home Improvement, Consolidation, Business and Personal Loans, at an affordable interest rate of 3% per annum. Within any year to any part of the world. Are you in debts? Do you want to pay off your bills? Have you been turned down constantly by your bank or any other financial institute? The good news is here, (Service Finance Company) is a certified, legitimate & an accredited Financial Lender, and also a co-operate financier for real estate and any kinds of business financing. Do you want to expand your business?. If you are delighted and interested in our financial offer, do not hesitate to contact us for more information's.

Mr. Nathan Reece

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Address: 555 S. Federal Hwy, #200, Boca Raton,
FL 33432. USA
Phone: +1-321-701-7112
Email: info11@financier.com

Hours: Mon ‒ Fri: 8am ‒ 12 midnight (EST)
Sat: 9am ‒ 11pm (EST)
Sun: 12 noon ‒ 6:30pm (EST)

Attn: Dear Loan Customer

Thanks for your interest. Sequel to your email, we can assist with the financing/loan you require to enable you.

*Consolidate your finances.

*Proffer restitution for your bad debts.

*Materialize your business plans, and also establish your business as a major outfit to reckon with among businesses in its particular category, and a model standard for other businesses as far as business structure is concerned, we are also a co-operate financier for real estate and any kinds of business financing. Whatever your circumstances, self employed, retired, have CCJs or a bad credit rating, we could help Borrow from $10,000 to $20,000,000 and the repayment period can be for anything from 2 to 25 years.

We offer the following kinds of loans and many more.

*Commercial loan
*Home Improvement loan
*Dept Consolidation loan
*Business and Personal Loans

*Car loan etc your loans can be for any purpose and your application will be processed quickly to ensure your loans are granted as soon as possible. Once your loans are granted you are free to spend the money on anything you wish.

Note: Be that as it may, like every other business transaction, this transaction is bound by certain policies and regulations.
However, we look forward to establishing a long term investment relationship with you. This loan process normally takes 3 to 4 business days, depends on the seriousness and willingness of the clients.

Meanwhile, we prefer a personal involvement and relationship with our client, in order to create a room of mutual trust and understanding, which is why we are trying to be as informal as possible.

Our loan offer is based on an interest rate of 3%, per annum which is about the prime interest rate here in USA. At this stage, before we proceed further, in line with the due process please complete the client introduction information draft below.

Field marked (*) are required

Full names *_______________
Full Contact Address*_________
Date of Birth*___________
Marital status*______________
Telephone Number*___________
Loan Amount Required (in U.S. $)_______
Loan Amount in words*___________
Loan Duration*_________
Monthly Income*___________
Type of Loan required (personal loan, home purchase loan, business loan, etc)*_______

In acknowledgment to these details, you will be sent a well calculated loan terms and the conditions.
Thanks for your Interest and understanding.

Thanks for Your Interest!

Mr. Nathan John

from: SERVICE FINANCE COMPANY< servicefinanceccompany@gmail.com>
date: Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 5:32 PM


In regards to your loan application that was acknowledge by this office, please find below the loan terms and conditions for the loan Amount of ($120,000.00).


The loan repayment is based on a monthly basis & duration which consists of the loan capital and Interest rate together.


Loan Balance: $120,000.00

Loan Interest Rate: 3%

Loan Term: 3 Years

Monthly Loan Payment: $3,489.75

Number of Payments: 36

Cumulative Payment: $125,630.82

Total Interest Paid: $5,630.82



1.1 We will make the loan available to you by crediting it to your bank account or by sending a cheque, or any other payment method.


2.1 You agree to repay the loan by the installments and on the days specified under the loan agreement. The first installment will be paid 6 months after the loan is made to you.


3.1 You can end the agreement at any time by paying off all amounts payable under the agreement.


If you have been paying installments when required by the agreement for a continuous period of at least six months, you may choose to increase the number of monthly repayments set out under the heading "loan terms". You may increase the number of payments by up to the original term shown under the heading "Loan Terms" provided that the overall term as extended may not exceed seven years. We will notify you of the new amount of the monthly installments, which will include the additional amount of interest payable as a consequence of the extension.

5.1 Notwithstanding the terms of any security which we hold or may in the future hold, the sums due under this agreement are unsecured, except for rights arising by operation of law.


(1) Collateral's Process: Require the applicants must be in United State Of America, requires an equity based property as collateral his/her loan acquisition. Applicant will be requested to bring documents to our office for verification, inspecting the property before granting them loan with trust that, the applicant will pay back at the end of the terms. We do not accept any other property type or kind due to the fact that some of our customers have missed used this opportunity. They sometimes claim to have properties and provide us copies of ownership, when they are unable to pay back loan & we intended to claim these properties? Only occur to us that the properties belong to their family. The family will then insist, they did not intend to the transaction at first. This is why Collateral's Process is not met for the applicants out-side USA.


(2) All Applicants abroad {Outside USA} MUST choose Non Collateral's Process, is in accordance with the Lending policy 174/Ur in the amended constitution of the ACT 2004 in the lending policy: which state that "the lending of money within and outside the country must be insured against the risk of theft, loss and terrorist activities "This is to say, An insurance certificate must be obtained before transfer of Loans can be made.


1) Payment Protection Insurance, protects a borrower´s ability to maintain repayments and helps them avoid getting into debt should they be unable to keep up their repayments due to Accident, Sickness (Disability) or Involuntary Unemployment.

2) The insurance of your loan is our only priority guarantee of getting our loan back just in case of future eventualities, i.e. if you are unable to pay back, the insurance will bear the lost.

3) Policies are available to protect most forms of personal credit, including personal loans and mortgage repayments.

4) The insurance of your loan gives you the right to free and fair justice if any problem arises in the feature due to repayment.

COMPLAINTS: If you think we have made an error or we have not delivered the standard of service that you expect, please let us know promptly so that we may investigate the circumstances as soon as possible.

If the terms and conditions are acceptable by you, you are required to get back to us immediately, with your Identification, which can be either a Driver's License, your working Identity card or Passport. For proper documentation, so as to enable us proceed accordingly by sending you the loan agreement document for you to sign.

Thanks for your understanding and interest; we await your response at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for your Interest and understanding.


Mr. Nathan Reece
Address: 555 S. Federal Hwy, #200, Boca Raton,
FL 33432. USA
Phone: +1-321-701-7112
Email: info11@financier.com

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