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    Follow up on your job inquiry

    Becareful, this could be part of a reshipping scam.

    from: Recruitment Department< recruitment@logistics-services.us>
    reply-to: Recruitment Department < recruitment@logistics-services.us>
    to: <>
    date: Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 12:11 PM
    subject: Follow up on your job inquiry (Logistics position)


    Congratulations! Based on your application and completed background check, you have been awarded the Shipping/Receiving Clerk position with our company. Please log in using the login details below and fill out the necessary agreements and documents.

    Your login: gXXiXhX
    Your password: 5389
    Login page: http://www.parcels-online.com

    Below is a comprehensive list of the duties and responsibilities that are attached to this position, so please read the following information carefully. You will receive a more detailed guide from your manager as soon as you submit your signed contract via your online account. It is assumed that after you have read this document, you will have an idea of what the work entails and of our expectations from you. We do require that our staff adheres to these requirements, and deviation from them is not accepted.


    1. Given that deliveries can arrive at any time, we try to narrow down the times you are required to be at home by providing a daily delivery schedule. As the job requirements stipulate, you must be at your residence during standard business hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but the schedule will also inform you of packages being delivered outside of those hours, which may occasionally happen. You must check the delivery schedule every day to avoid missing any deliveries. Furthermore, you may need to pick up certain packages from local retailers (BestBuy, Walmart, etc.) or from your local USPS or UPS offices (within a 10-mile radius).
    2. Every distribution agent will be assigned a direct supervisor, whose job it is to help delivery and handling run smoothly. If you have any questions or issues about your responsibilities, don't hesitate to immediately contact your supervisor via phone or email.
    3. When a package arrives at your home office or private business address, you will typically need to sign for it. Our service team ensures that the products you receive are legal, safe, and paid for. Most of the goods we deal in are sporting goods, clothing, and electronic items, and all of our business partners are thoroughly vetted in terms of reputation and reliability.
    4. After the package arrives, you must also ensure that it hasn't sustained any damage during the shipping process. As a distribution agent, you will open the outer layer of the packaging and check all of the contents for possible damage. At that point, you must also take a photo of the package contents with your digital camera and then upload the photo to your company account as the delivery confirmation.
    5. For whatever reason, if you cannot be home to receive a package, the carrier will typically try to deliver it one or two more times. Following that, you will be responsible for gathering the package from the distribution center and handling it from there.
    6. Once you have confirmed that the item is undamaged and have taken a photo for your records, you must repackage the item for international shipment. Our orders often require a number of smaller parcels to be combined into one larger box for simplified shipping. Prepaid shipping labels for international shipment must be printed and attached to each package; these labels are available on your company account.
    7. Once the products have been repackaged and secured, simply drop off the package at the post office. If a package is delivered before 2 p.m., you must process it and send it off on the same day. If a package is delivered after 2 p.m., it can be processed and sent off the next day.
    8. You should keep thorough records of all packages you handle, so store the tracking numbers of international shipments on your online account. Also retain all receipts for shipping, packaging materials, Internet access, etc., to ensure that the reimbursement process is simple.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us via email, or call us 863-236-9891.

    Adam Sullivan,
    Recruitment department,
    USA Logistics Services, Inc.
    2425 Harden Blvd # 105
    Miami, FL 33803
    Toll-free: (800) 934-1455
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