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    Pure and simple a scam! Andrea Esposito the office manager told me Dr. Kehoe would give my wife a second biopsy being I explained to her and Dr. Kehoe that my wife was misdiagnosed from our medical team and wanted to make sure surgery was absolutely necessary. Both Andrea and Dr. Kehoe tricked us into paying cash upfront, no receipts. Then when we came in for the procedure that was promised no second biopsy was performed just a consultation that amounted to nothing. We asked for a refund and Dr. Kehoe rudely said refund me for the hour i spent with your wife, WOW really caring doctor don't you think, no refund was given to us basically we were robbed. It turned out my wife needed that second biopsy because after her surgery at another medical institution it was determined that my wife did not have DCIS but she had invasive cancer which was her2 triple negative breast cancer and if more testing was conducted before surgery neo adjunctive therapy which is chemotherapy administered before surgery could have avoided surgery all together and saved my wife's breast. I have pending lawsuits and i am determined to let the Brooklyn community know that Dr. Kehoe and Andrea are running a scam. The worst breast doctor in Brooklyn by far! I don't feel he even deserves to be called a Dr. a scam artist is more appropriate.
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