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Thread: Loan Scam

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    Loan Scam

    from: Maynard Barbara Danese< [email protected]>
    date: Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 11:00 AM
    subject: RE: Loan

    Do you need an urgent Loan to pay of your bills or start up your own
    business? Email us now at [email protected]
    more information

    Full Name:
    Phone number:
    Loan Amount:
    Maynard Barbara Danese
    from: Maynard Barbara Danese< [email protected]>
    date: Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 2:04 PM


    I received your email and i want you to know that we can help you with
    this amount you need as loan which is 120,000. 00 GBP note,We deal
    with truthful people only. And also be inform that we can offer you
    this loan. below is the loan terms and condition read carefully and
    get back to me now so that we can proceed.


    1:Applicant must obey the company instructions.
    2:Applicant must be 18 years and above.
    3:All information sent by the applicant must be valid.
    4:Applicant must respond to the company mails regularly.
    5:The loan repayment is consist in Monthly payment with the total
    interest rate. So if you wish to obtain a loan from our company the
    list stated are the company procedure,Get back with a scan copy of
    your id card for verification. And the below information is the loan
    terms and as soon as you are in agreement with it you are to get back
    with the transfer option of your choice you choose to receive the


    Loan Amount Needed:120,000.00GBP
    Loan Interest Rate: 3%
    Loan Term: 3 years
    Monthly Loan Payment: 3,489.75 GBP
    Number of Payments: 36
    Cumulative Payments:125,630.82GBP
    Total Interest Paid: 5,630.82GBP

    You will start the repayment of loan amount: 3,489.75 GBP at the 30th
    of every month starting from 6 months after loan has been
    transferred,Failure to pay back the loan at this expected date/period,
    legal actions will be taken against the applicant .

    Get back with your banking details as below so we can forward it to
    the transferring bank now to start processing your funds for transfer
    asap now, Note applicant are responsible to pay for the bank transfer
    charge get back to us now with the details below to proceed to the
    next step of transfer now.

    Bank Name:
    Bank Address:
    Account Holder Name:
    Account Number:
    Type of Account:
    Routing Number:
    Your Mobile Number:

    (Note; Bank to bank transfer take 12 Hours for the receivers to
    confirm the funds in his/her account once the bank transfer charge is

    The loan must be repaid to creditors at the end of the loan seek
    credit, therefore, will agree dearly for 3years, as indicated on loan
    applicants so that borrowers he / she will be able to repay the loan
    during this period With regard to the above conditions: if they are
    acceptable, you give a quick response,so I'm on the Agency Bank
    Transfer for them to start to process the form and open the file in
    this funds in order. Come back to us with your banking details, so we
    can continue to the next level.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    In God I Trust
    God Bless You.
    Maynard Barbara Danese
    from: Maynard Barbara Danese < [email protected]>
    to: <>
    date: Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 2:40 AM


    Thanks for your fast response and since you are in full agreement with
    the loan terms and condition, and have provided your bank details so
    that we can effect the loan sum to your destination immediately and so
    that you can pick it up.

    We do hope the info are very correct so that it will not be a problem
    to our transfer department when sending you the loan.

    And also, I will like you to know that your loan has been approved and
    I will send you the approval papers and this will only take 3-4 hours
    and it will be transfer to you completely.

    BUT before that I will like you to know that is the loan borrower you
    are required to pay for the REGISTRATION charges and this will cost
    you the sum of 155 GBP and that is all you have to send to us before
    your loan will be transfer to you and there are no other extra hidden
    cost or charges involved,

    This is the only charges involved as soon as this requirement is
    meant, we shall immediately send you the loan paper work and how you
    will be sending the monthly repayment plan to us.

    As soon as you get this email, I want you to consider this transaction
    finalized and write me now so that I can send you the western union
    data to remit the 155 GBP for the registration of your loan before it
    will be transfer to you. The loan will reflect on your bank account
    there in UK and you will get an alert that money has been transfer to
    your account.

    I will like you to know that the charges 155 GBP can not be deducted
    from the loan, because the loan has been approved and there is a hard
    cover insurance policy which makes it impossible for us to deduct from
    the loan amount or add to it. My Bank Is Eco Bank transfer

    We await your email and the charges of 155 GBP for the registration
    of the loan before we can proceed so that we can send you the payment
    details instruction to send the fee.

    Danese maynard ‎
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