Adesso Smart Cat, 4 Button Glidepoint USB Touchpad (GP-410UB)

DO NOT BUY this touchpad!!! It is nothing but high-priced junk! The issue with this piece of junk seems to be with the software. After only a few days of use, the cursor becomes uncontrollable - at any given time - like right when you need it the most! The only way to "fix" this issue is to reboot your PC and then lose any unsaved work or progress on any apps you may have been working with! Adesso agreed to replace this item; but, ONLY AFTER I pay EVEN MORE $$$ for it - just to have it shipped back to them! What sane person is going to pay another dime for a piece of junk? Adesso does NOT have the COMMON sense to offer FREE return-shipping on DEFECTIVE items. Even worse than that, they don't EVEN bother to mention their devious return policy - upfront - BEFORE you buy their products! They'd rather improve their bottom line of profit than provide normal customer service practices and keep their customers happy so that they will buy more products. DU-UUHH!!! Personally, I think we should all boycott Adesso! As for me, I WILL be boycotting Adesso, at least until they change their devious, predatory policies.