from: Loan Shark Guide
reply-to: [email protected]
date: Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 2:29 PM
subject: JOB


My name is Peter and I represent Loan Shark Guide, we give out loans based on a good credit check. we are currently hiring, we need someone who can help us send out brochures, news letters, checks to our numerous clients, we would provide you with all necessary materials for you to carry out the job.Your wages would be $2,800 a month, funds would be sent to you via western union or money gram.You are required to mail out 500-800 letters a week.Your weekly pay would amount to $700

To get started,You will purchase check papers from office depot or office max,it is just $40 for a pack of 500pcs . You need a printer and a computer for you to get started and hired.

You would also have to pick up USPS priority envelops from USPS post office(they are free so pick as many as you can) what your job would entail would be to mail out checks for me weekly and i would get to pay you , we need to build trust together in this and we would also want you to show your commitment towards this,we would also be paying you upfront for you to know that this is real and would pay you through the most secured way to receive payment which is either western union, monogram or Walmart to Walmart money transfer.I need you to kindly download a chat messenger such as aim its free you can go on and type download aim messenger , sign up with aim or aol if you do not have an account its free to do so.once you sign up you can add me on my own aim chat messenger which is

It would be a whole lot better if we can chat online for me to explain the details about the job to you. you can also download the aim messenger on your mobile phone and use your email address to register and add me on or send me your own chat id so we can get talking.


Jake Peter Genemaras
Email: [email protected]y