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    Repayment policies are being reviewed

    This is most likely a scam. Never send fees by money gram,western union,Ria. Direct bank transfer is safer,never send to an Africa bank. You can get your money back with a police report if you send money by direct bank transfer. If you send money by money gram,western union, Ria, with the control number/MTCN, the scammer can pict up the money even if you send the money to New York,even if he is in Africa.

    From Cinthia Guzman < [email protected]>
    To hoffmanharry < [email protected]>
    Sent Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 12:21 PM
    We would like to go over with you the benefits of participating in the Student Forgiveness Program.

    Will you please call us now at +18444320417 so we can review the current status of your student balance and discuss how this new program works?

    Thank you
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