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Attention Beneficiary

This is from U.S compensation terms, after the meeting in Washington Dc
today with United Nations secretary, you were among dictated beneficiaries
on our list that lost their hard earn month salary in the Benin Republic of
West Africa, and sequel to this, you will receive $850,000,000 from
government of Benin Republic by the care of Eco Bank official email as we
are in touched.

Note that we shall be in communicating with you till you successfully
receive this into your personal account by the eco bank of Benin republic
and however, we conquer that all charges that will be involve should be
paid in U.S as you are foreigner and to avoid scandal, so we can monitor
this transaction till your funds dully reflected to your personal account.

Looking forward to hear your response on this notice so we can get their
website forward to you.

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Mr. Douglas M. Phil