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    Scam Alert! - Hangzhou Helen Chen, China TEFL Network & Haida HR ESL

    These are some of the oldest scam artists in China targeting foreigners for exploitation since 1999 in the lucrative ESL Recruitment market of foreign English teachers. There were literally over 150 negative posts about them online at thebeijinger, esl cafe, CFTU, and elsewhere.

    We forgot to list one of the most notorious scam agents in all of China after our original list was deleted by hackers. Her name is "Hangzhou Helen" or "Helen Chen", and even after 5 years of over 160 complaints to the CTA and CFTU, nobody knows her real Chinese name. She is based out of the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province and uses 7 different alias company names that are all affiliated with her. The two biggest ones are China TEFL Network and Haida ESL.

    If you are dealing with Helen or Rosie in any agency in Hangzhou, you are probably about to get swindled. They do have a business license but not in the names they use to advertise more than 100 jobs a day online. Helen and her affiliates have been blacklisted since 2010 for the following reasons;

    * Failure to provide foreign teachers their last paycheck
    * Illegally holding the passports of foreign teachers
    * Recruiting illegal foreign teachers on L, F, & M visas (Z Visa required by law)
    * Extoring foreign teachers big bucks to get their release letters
    * Salary skimming (as much as 40%)
    * Placements of teachers with black unregistered schools
    * Selling fake university degrees to unqualified teachers
    * Selling TEFL certificates to anyone with cash

    Individual horror stories about Helen filled the internet by the dozens over the last five years, but in 2014 she hired a hacker who started deleting them to erase her track record or fraud, abuse, and teacher exploitation. Aside from her lack of ethics, the jobs she has to offer are some of the lowest paying in all of China. Here is a typical complaint from 2012: https://eslwatch.info/en/china/3-rev...t-warning.html and some more complaints and comments: https://eslwatch.info/en/china/3-rev...t-warning.html What the hell, here are a few more in case you think I am blowing smoke up your butt;




    Haida HR is an affilate agent of Helen Chen. They work so closely together they are believed to be the same company although they both deny yet, they share past and present sales reps.

    [email protected]: TEL: 86-571-88234567 : ext.8011,8012,8013: Hotline: (0086) 400-826-1331: Add: ... Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Also ChinaTefl.com, HelenGroup.com, and she is always trying to convince people she is part of prestigious Zhejiang University but the University says they are NOT affiliated, and have told her many times to stop using their name!

    Regarding Haida HR: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-...70259;expand=1
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    Re: Scam Alert! - Hangzhou Helen Chen, China TEFL Network & Haida HR ESL

    These guys should be jailed for what they make good ESL teachers do!

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    Re: Scam Alert! - Hangzhou Helen Chen, China TEFL Network & Haida HR ESL

    Give it up already Stefano. ("Frankie5ESL") We have all noticed your five sock puppet accounts including this newest one. You worked at Expertise Education not anywhere near Hangzhou.
    Trust only your birth mother!

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