I've been a customer of Rackspace for 10 years. I've been paying them $3800 a month for hosting (which is $45,000 a year).

My servers there are very old and outdated. Ancient!

I just found out that other customers are paying $7200 LESS a year than me for NEWER equipment and better support. I'm paying $7200 more than everyone else for OLDER equipment and less support.

So they've been over-charging me by at least $7200 a year, for years.

Now you would think they could just be happy with that. But it doesn't stop there....

Now they want to charge me $3800 for migration (to upgrade my ancient servers).
This is a service that all other customers get for free.

So why would all other customers get this for free? And they want to charge me $3800 for this?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I think it's one of these reasons:

1) I'm a woman (men tend to get better prices at Rackspace)

2) I'm autistic and they like to discriminate (or take advantage)

3) I've been there for so long, that I've been grandfathered into a high price, and they want to continue to charge me too much

4) They think I'm stuck there, I'm not going to leave, and I'll just pay whatever they want

I talked to them on the phone and tried to reason with them, but they absolutely won't compromise and they don't care.

I tried to explain to them, that with the $7200 they overcharged me, they could afford to waive the $3800 fee (which no other customer has to pay). But they acted like they did not understand this logic. "Our pricing is our pricing. This is our final price.".

They acted like my business means absolutely nothing to them, and they don't care if I'm happy or not.

As I was hanging up on them, I heard clapping in the background. So apparently a big room full of people was listening to my call. And cheering them on because they didn't back down when I asked for a break. (Yeah, they can cheer even more, cos I'm going to leave them ASAP).

So I desperately need to upgrade my servers... but then I would have to come up with $7600 in one month. $3800 for migration (no other customers pay), and $3800 for hosting (which is $1000 more than other customers pay).

Either that, or I can just stay in old, ancient servers, that are prohibiting me from certain things I need to do, and I can keep over paying them $3800 a month for ancient equipment (L5335 2 Ghz Xeon Processor, 32 GB RAM, 500gb hard drive, made in 2007, IIS7, Windows 2008).

So I guess I must have the word "sucker" in my file at Rackspace? What do you think? Why do they want to treat a 10 year customer like this? Who would probably be there forever, if they just be decent.

If they treat a 10 year customer that pays them $45,000 like this, then how do you think they'll treat you?!?

If you host there, here's my advice:

1) If you're a woman, let your husband or boyfriend do the talking. Do not talk to them yourself! They will screw you extra hard, if you're a woman.

2) Constantly check their prices, every few months. When equipment goes down in price, they will not pass that savings onto you.

That's why I'm paying $1000 MORE than everyone else for OLD equipment and everyone else has NEW equipment. Had I detected this a year ago, I could have gotten new equipment a year ago, and saved $7200 a year. I'd still be milked for $3800 migration fee though.

I tried to explain the craziness of this to them, but they pretend not to get it. Why would I pay MORE money for LESS equipment. The fact that I've stay in that OLD equipment for so long saves them money. Shouldn't I at least get the same price for OLD equipment instead of paying MORE for it?

3) Don't license SQL server from them. They'll charge you $1100 a month for SQL server, and you can buy it for $3000 outright. They've been charging me $1100 a month for SQL server for 10 years. And that's a HUGE markup, because Codero.com only charges $469 a month for lisensing SQL Server.

So they've scammed me out of $132,000 in 10 years for SQL server. And they could have advised me to buy it outright (like codero.com did), but they absolutely don't care about my hard earned money and how much they waste or take me for. They could care less if I went out of business. They don't understand the basic principle that when their hosting customers succeed, they get bigger, and that's a win for Rackspace. Duh!

QUESTION: Why can't Rackspace just make money on their customers in a fair and decent way? And not try to milk them for everything they have? I feel like I've been raped.