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    Wolf Vierich and his scam.

    1 week ago in Turkish legal system they send me a letter which is contain about I wrote a letter and signed it by me and this letter contains about a woman about Turkey. İn this letter he wrote ı am Wolf Vierich friend and I am a registered lawyer from Canada. But now I registered and live in London and wrote about her. I do not care about this thing but he use my name. I am not a lawyer or registered lawyer... I searched him and I found this page. I did not know him and also I am not his friend. I just wrote here because for his illegal writing which is using my name in his letter. I did not understand why did he do this? But one thing ı write here he is using different names and sometimes like me is real. So this is a simple thing and explain the police and the government easily but ıf it were the opposite..
    I only think that this is very illegal method to attacked the enemyies also this is girl or woman... writings are discasting. I do not know him ı saw his linked in page and Google searched pictures he was not a good man I think... I write here because I must warned all the people here.... please very careful to share using name or any personal information in the internet or anywhere because like this guy all the scammers are every where... So they did easily name fraud. please be careful.. And vierich do not use my name again...

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    Wolf Vierich

    I am Dr W. Vierich and I have no clue what this is about?!

    Mrs Doreen Cramp, from Canada is an old legal friend of mine, indeed she attended the same law classes at Cornell University, New York in the early 60’s, with me together.

    I just spoke to her and she does not know anything about this either.

    I believe that this is a fake email from Turkey !

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