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Thank you for your email.
We have concluded arrangements with UNDP office and Lloyds bank on the documentation and payment procedure of your grant disbursement.

Kind provide the following details on the document attach and send it to Richard D. Palmer with the below detail.And the service charge of Service charge of 750.00.should be send to Richard D. Palmer in USA for the processing of your Grant fund.

Richard D. Palmer
Richard D. Palmer Co., LPA
580 South High Street, Suite 250
Columbus, OH 43215
Direct - +1 (614) 715-5239

Being that beneficiaries for the UNDP grant have emerged by individual and institutional recommendations especially recommendations from International Credit Referencing Agencies, Research institutes, health facilities and Government Agencies, this law firm will ensure that due process is thoroughly undertaken in the disbursement of your grant funds to your nominated bank account. Due diligence will be conducted in strict adherence to the UNDP grant funds disbursement regulations.. As you may have already been informed, your grant (grant-in-aid) is non-refundable, although it is expected that UNDP office will subsequently delegate it's team to make period checks on your grant utilization or otherwise, there are no liens, commercial obligations or encumbrances on your grant.

In line with the grant disbursement schedule and UNDP regulations, your grant will be disbursed in twenty-four (24) trenches for twenty-one (21) months.

The first disbursement of $50,000.00 is to aid beneficiary to put together their business plans, research topic synopsis and all inventories to which the grant will be expended for follow up by the UNDP local team representatives. If you do not possess a business plan or research interest, you can apply to the Head Co-ordinator office Mr. Jordan Ryan for recommendations and assistance.

Find attached our documented cumulative requirements to proceed with your grant release processing and Funds Disbursement Approval Sheet as approved from Lloyds bank Isle of Man for the first $50,000.00 grant disbursement. Kindly fill out your nominated bank wire instructions and precise contact information as required in the UNDP grant wire transfer request form and sign your column on the funds disbursement approval sheet for onward processing of your grant disbursement. Note that as soon as you are in receipt of the first $50,000.00 grant funds, you will be required to process your business plans, research topic synopsis and all inventories to which the grant will be expended and submit same to us for further processing of your grant payment release structure and documentation.

Cumulative requirements for your grant disbursement.

i). Beneficiary Valid Proof of Identity
ii) Recent utility bill receipt confirming beneficiary address on file.
iii) Service charge of 750.00.
iv) Name and address of next-of-kin.

We hope to initiate the wire transfer of your grant from Lloyds bank within 2 business days upon negotiation, execution and delivery of all required definitive documentation with respect to the contemplated grant disbursement. As soon as we receive duly completed wire transfer request form we will immediately coordinate the wire transfer of your grant funds from Lloyds and avail you the transaction confirmation slip and direct UNDP Office to issue you the UNDP letter of declaration of source/ownership of funds to present to your bank upon arrival of funds in your account.

Kindly provide the cumulative requirements within the shortest permissible time for us to proceed with your file.

We are on standby to providing all assistance you may require in this matter.

Thank you,

Mark Harvey Esq.
Mark Harvey LLP
246a Vauxhall Bridge Road,
London, SW1V 1AU, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 745 228 2228
Fax: +44 843 2652933

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