Just wanted to alert everyone to Seymour Lecker. I sued someone in Texas and won a judgement, only to find out that the guy filed BK. A couple of years later, Mr. Lecker contacted me and offered to represent me for a % of the collections...all I had to do was sign a doc, giving him authority to act on my behalf when dealing with the courts(? - it's been a few years, so I can't recall the exact process). Anyhow, I did some research on him on the internet and found a couple of good comments and nothing on any of the scam sights. I asked him for references and I called 1, one of which was a very large and well established company in Canada. I called and the woman I spoke to seemed very knowledgeable and legit. She said that Mr. Lecker really helped out her company in a similar circumstance. Remember, I called her and it was and got a receptionist, so this really seemed legit. Anyhow, once Mr. Lecker got my assignment, I never heard from him again. The settlement was only for $7,000 and I never expected to get a cent anyway, so I figured I had nothing to lose, but I've reached out to him via phone and email several times over the past couple of years and never a peep back - so stay away from him! Wish I still had my notes - would love to call the woman I spoke to who gave him such a great reference (just to see if she really was real...but life's too short, so it's probably for the best).

He's on Linked in #866-752-5110 and his business is called: Lecker Business Services, Inc. Because he gets an assignment, he's apparently a "judegment" creditor, which is better than just being a debt collector (more rights). I just checked on the internet again and apparently he's bothered a few people, trying to collect, but the fact that he never responds to ME, his client, is very suspicious i.e. he's probably collected my debt and just never turned over any money.

If anyone HAS ad any dealings with this guy, either good or bad, I'd love to hear your story/results.