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    US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama's last hours - timing for dummies

    How the perfect timing for a major act in the agenda "Evict Jews from the West Bank" was set.
    Real acts and illuminati theater part of the agenda "Destruction of Israel"

    US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama's last hours - for dummies
    Jan 23, 2017 - Deal to remove Israeli outpost in West Bank in jeopardy.
    After reading this you'll know why this act was delayed until Trump's inauguration.

    Jan 23, 2017 - US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama's last hours
    The agenda of this theater act goes beyond the "Pro-Israel conservatives" v anti-Israel liberals" theater, now served as the extreme mockery "Trump, the defender of Israel".
    It's also timed to divert human cattle from another major episode in the agenda "Netanyahu expells Jews from the West Bank", same as the act "Israel lifts restrictions on building more homes in East Jerusalem".

    Timed for Trump's inauguration:
    Jan 23, 2017:
    Netanyahu expells Jews from the West Bank: another major episode
    What obviously no TV channel will report, transcript from an illuminati media newsire for a restricted audience:
    A deal to evacuate a hardline Jewish outpost that has become a symbol of Israel's occupation of the West Bank was in jeopardy Monday ahead of a February 8 deadline to remove it.
    Settlers in the Amona outpost of some 40 families and which was built on Palestinian land accused the government of not living up to the terms of a deal reached in December that would see them moved nearby.
    Palestinian landowners also filed a petition to the Israeli high court on Monday with further objections to the government's relocation plans, said rights group Yesh Din, which is representing them.
    Beyond that, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's chief of staff Yoav Horowitz reportedly told ministers from his Likud party on Sunday that the deal could not be implemented because of legal complications.
    The lack of a clear solution has once again raised the possibility of a forced evacuation of the Amona settlers by the Israeli government and fears that violence could result.
    "Right now we're dealing with the fact that the government and officials lied," said Eli Greenberg, an Amona resident and spokesman for the outpost.
    "They promised all kinds of lies to us."

    Illuminati theater:
    Israel lifts restrictions on building more homes in East Jerusalem
    Jan 22, 2017:
    Jan 23, 2017 - US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama's last hours

    Deal to remove Israeli outpost in West Bank in jeopardy
    Jan 23, 2017
    The long-running saga has centred on a 2014 high court ruling ordering the outpost northeast of the town of Ramallah to be evacuated because it was built on private Palestinian land.
    An initial deadline of December 25, 2016 was given for the outpost to be removed.
    - Deadline extended -
    But with the deadline approaching, Israeli right-wing politicians rushed to Amona's defence while also promoting a bill to legalise thousands of other settler homes in the West Bank.
    Hundreds of hardline Jewish youths also flooded into the outpost in a bid to prevent the evacuation.
    Negotiations resulted in a deal on December 18 under which Amona residents agreed to relocate peacefully to nearby land considered abandoned.
    The court then granted an extension of the deadline to February 8 when the settlers promised to relocate peacefully.
    But Palestinian landowners objected to the plans, resulting in further legal manoeuvrings.

    West Bank: Evil settlers expell poor palestinians: Simulation mocked at end of the show
    Jewish settlements - Treasonous Israel gov at work:
    - expelled jews from Gaza in 2005.
    - built a wall around the West Bank to formally break-up Israel and isolate the jewish settlements.
    Examples from Aug 2015:
    - jewish settlements in the West Bank razed to the ground
    - inauguration of massive "palestinian-only" high tech city Rawabi, housing 40,000. By Illuminati media in "black is white": "sponsored by Israel gov" becomes "palestinian project that Israel tried to delay".

    From March 2009, as Netanyahu starts again playing prime-minister of Israel. Updated with recent examples, signaled by date:
    Illuminati theater
    USA: "Pro-Israel conservatives" v anti-Israel "liberals"
    Mirrored in Israel with actors such as Sharon and Netanyahu in the role of "conservatives, nationalists, hawks" and actors such as Rabin, Peres in the role of "liberals, peace seekers".

    All in Blog
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