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    Never buy a car at DriveSmart Motors in Orange County California!!!

    My story begins when I went to this dealership I found on Craigslist called DriveSmart Motors who were advertising 5 star Yelp reviews (which is highly unusual for a used car dealer). They sold me a 2010 Toyota Prius that had a really bad oil leak, bad head gasket and the hybrid part of the car was non-functional? At least that's what the mechanic told me. They refused to help me at all. In fact the salesman James blamed me for the problems saying I "didn't know how to drive it".

    I wrote them a 1 star review and the next day it was gone. Yelp messaged me saying I had violated the terms because I never purchased a vehicle there. After the confusion wore off I realized this dealership contacted Yelp and lied just to have my review removed. 5 star dealership huh?

    Long story short I ran into my old childhood friend Matt. After sharing my nightmare situation with him, he chuckled and told me about a similar situation he had with a dealer in the same area called MCA (MY CAR AGENT) that was shut down due to fraud. That night I was surfing the web and came across something that made my stomach sick - This MY CAR AGENT had the same address of this new place DRIVESMART MOTORS! There's even pictures of the owner TAYLOR OGDEN on both Yelp pages! hahaha

    Same owner, same location but different name. On the MY CAR AGENT Yelp it's bombed with negative reviews and out of business and this DRIVESMART MOTORS has 5 stars.

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    Re: Never buy a car at DriveSmart Motors in Orange County California!!!

    First I never recommend buying a used car. i have bought several and even with a reliable dealer something always goes wrong. I recommend elapsing a new vehicle. the terms can be adjusted to every budget and down payment. sometimes if you are a member of a professional society or a club you can also get a discount. the lease payment approximates what you pay on time for a used car. also with modern phone apps you can calculate the business uses and take that right off the income tax as a percentage of the lease payment and maintenance costs if any in the old days get a Mileage Record book at Staples and/or Office Depot and calculate the percentage business use your self. so you will save even more. now then with all of that if you must buy a used car then Car Fax or AutoNation seems to be the way to go. at least they check the car before you buy it and/or see the history of the vehicle. but still leasing a new car even if it is smaller than you anticipated to me is the way to go. thanks for listening

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