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    MAXALUS SCAM Eric Madsen Ottawa Ontario

    Anyone here get scammed on this one. Maxalus based in Ottawa, Ontario from 2012 till early 2015. You paid $129 for a membership and $29.00 a month. Then came all the investment opportunities to invest and get large returns. Maxalus received all these funds yet did not file any corporate tax returns. They dissolved the company in 2015. This company was run by Eric Madsen, Jawad Baig, Andrew the scammer Montague, Gus Ayoub. Just before closing the corporation Gus caught onto the scam and resigned. The controller Mike Fletcher took his place as director.. Bet CRA will be looking into these guys......Where did ALL the money go? NO taxes were paid. Eric moved on to new scams going by the names of Madsen Media, Madsen Lend2Wealth Moneysprings inc.......Be warned folks

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    Re: MAXALUS SCAM Eric Madsen Ottawa Ontario

    Eric how goes that phony sale of SUNGAME for a 100 million........Still no principal repay lets not forget the bonus LOL

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