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Thread: Hyip help

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    Hyip help

    I'm still trying to find out if anyone's ever heard of a money-recovery organization called HYIPHELP, which specializes in getting money back from high-yield investment scams on the Internet. Please, if you know anything at all, contact me. Many thanks.

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    Re: Hyip help

    Doesn't look good from these posts;
    (English translation for x-invest.net posts)

    Also, the domain is currently for sale:
    Not to mention the current domain registration is just over 14 months old, uses 'Domain by Proxy' to hide who owns it (no contact info on the website either), and the website is hosted on a server with almost 2,000 other domains.

    Looks to be a take on a 419 advance fee fraud scam to me.
    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. -C. Darwin

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    Re: Hyip help

    Hello, I must thank you for your thorough and well-researched answer to my question. Frankly, it is what I suspected all along but suspecting is not the same as having reason to be certain. As an update, this outfit asked for $30 upfront and then $50 for one "Speedline Exchanger" to send the funds, which I did not send but might have were it not for your timely answer. Again my thanks - how fortunate we are to have a forum like this.

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