On 1/4/2017 at 7:00 PM, "fatima yusuf" < [email protected]> wrote:
Hello Dear,

Thanks for your response to my mail i sent to you,

All i want is for you to help me claim this inheritance fund out from the bank as my late father's foreign partner and bring me out of this country to your country where i can have a better life.

My name is Ms.Fatima Yusuf,i am from Ivory Coast. I am just only 19 years Old i know my present predicament in which my uncles took away all my late father's properties but they never knew about the money in the bank . they have been monitoring me so i will like you to keep this confidential .

You will help me investing with this money in any lucrative business in area of real estate, hotel, land properties, and in transportation business in your country and you being the trustee while I will join you to continue my education .

I want you to know that this fund is my last hope of survival in this life because all my late fathers properties has been taking away by his wicked brothers, they are enemies which i do not have the power to challenge them because of my little age at this time.

I want you to take me as your own blood family relation even after the transaction during the time i will be in your country while schooling and you investing the fund in any business of your choice under your advice because i am too young to handle such a huge fund for an investment in this young age.

All i want for you to do is to promise me that you will not betray me in this transaction because i have no other hope in this world except this funds which my late wealthy father left for me in the Bank her.

I have decided to handle my funds into your care for good investments in your country, Please answer me this 3 question,

1) which kind of good profit investments would we do with this fund in your country ?

2) Would you put me in a good school in your country where i will finish my education and take care of me?

3) What is Your Occupation.?

Since you have already made up your mind to help me handle this noble transaction, I want you to urgently forward to me your esteemed information's such as :

(1) Your Full name
(2) Your country
(3) Your age and Residential Address
(4) Private telephone,fax and mobile phone
(5) Your bank Name
(6) Your bank Account details
(7) Address of your bank e.t.c for the transfer
(8) A copy of your passport or any identity
(9) Swift code
(10) IBN code

All this i will submit to the Bank where the funds is deposited as requested by the Bank officer, to enable them to proceed immediately with the transferring of the funds into your account on my behalf, since i am going to make you the legal next of kin to the deposit of the funds which i will send an application letter to the bank on your behalf.

Upon your responed to this mail i will give you more details on how to proceed.

Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Thanks and remain bless,

Miss Fatima Yusuf.