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    BEWARE of Helo World International PTE Ltd!!!

    Beware of the HELO. It's being advertised as a must have better version of the FITBIt. Yes, it's an MLM company and I was duped into believing this product was unbelievably terrific by someone I had known for over 20 years. It's supposed to do everything a fitbit does and more. It takes your blood pressure, calculates your mood, soon to take your readings for diabetes, will soon have a built in mosquito repellant etc... It's expensive, buy 4 and get 1 free. They take out the money immediately from your account ($1414.26) and then took about three weeks to ship it to me with no response that made sense when I asked when it would ship. (They told me the items would ship in early November and it was already the end of November) I was so excited when they finally arrived. I had two already sold and one was for me. All three of them didn't work properly. One wouldn't even sync with an iphone. The other two had readings that were far off what reality was. I refunded all the money for the two other HELO's that I had sold and asked HELO for a return authorization. I informed my upline and was told there would be no hard feelings if I decided to stay and build the business because this company's compensation plan was so good I could be a millionaire if I worked it right. REALLY!!!! I would have to convince people to purchase a product that I knew was bad and be able to sleep at night knowing I had cheated people out of their hard earned money....hmmmm. I finally got a return authorization number and sent back the units immediately. It's been almost two weeks since the company has received it and they still only respond that they will forward my complaint to the correct department. I filed a complaint with my bank the other day and hope something can be done. This company is shady to say the least. The payments are taken out from somewhere in Las Vegas, the returns had to be shipped to Florida and the parent company is in Singapore! Oh, by the way, there's a monthly fee that was involved as well, $61.66 per month. They took out for the first month and I've just been notified they're trying to take another $61.66 out for next month. IF you're going to purchase this product please buy it from someone who will help you if there's a problem with it. I purchased mine from Steve Uesugi and Debby Yee and they really haven't helped me with this at all except Steve did get me a return authorization number after I bugged him to help me. I was also told I was being impatient and he didn't understand why! I'm impatient because I'm out $1414.26+61.66=$.1475.92
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