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    Witnesses to Genocide...AGAIN

    Mass rape, murder, hundreds and thousands of refugees...sound familiar? Maybe not...When Africans are the victims, the West is generally quiet.

    As much as the clinton administration and the rest of the world at the time deserve contempt and revulsion for ignoring ethnic cleansing and genocide during the 90's, the Bush administration and our allies are approaching the same kind of situation the same way in Darfur.

    There is no reason to believe it will stop, and now even aid workers are not safe to stay.

    It is estimated that 10-20,000 troops could stabilize the situation enough to allow workers to stay. Where is the rest of the world? These gutless governments will, of course, blame the US for our inaction, even as we battle OTHER murderous Islamics. Yes, it is Muslims. Who else? But in this case, they are butchering other Muslims, proving that the koran is a remarkably adaptable, multi-purpose book of hate and death.

    Did someone ask where was the U.N.? BWAHAHAHA...good one!



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    Re: Witnesses to Genocide...AGAIN

    No oil at stake pwrone.

    The united states not so long ago had the opportunity to set the examples and supply the one very basic need the africans need. A clean water supply. If you read the book, "The Price of Loyalty" you will read that instead of sinking wells needed for these people the Bush administration completely ignored the advice of their top advisor, Paul O'Neil and turned their backs on what could have been the catalyst to shaming other governments into doing the same.

    It was one of the reasons Mr. O'Neil left the White House and he is working today privately to do it on his own. Now there's a real hero with a heart of gold.

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    Re: Witnesses to Genocide...AGAIN


    The world can "blame" the US for inaction, because the US sticks it's nose in everybody elses business, and does not lift a finger to stop genocide.

    If the US has the firepower to invade Iraq, to drive out Saddam Hussein, because of his crimes against humantiy, why isn't the US doing the same thing in the Sudan?

    While we "battle" other nations that have not attacked us, allowing people to be essentially wiped out is, shameful and heartless.


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    Re: Witnesses to Genocide...AGAIN

    god i really hate people like you.

    ***** and moan about going into Iraq, then complain they dont go into Africa.

    i REALLY despise people who have that mentality.

    Same thing in 2003. US gets blasted for not going into the Ivory Coast, then gets blasted for going into Iraq. its unreal.

    people are just so stupid in this world it shocks me.

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    Re: Witnesses to Genocide...AGAIN

    umdkook... think of it like this.

    People get angry, because there's blatantly horrible stuff going on in these other countries but we do nothing to help when help is wanted.

    Sure help may be wanted in Iraq, but many Iraqi's also DO NOT WANT THE HELP. Yet we choose to go there. The government may state that we're going there for certain reasons, but there are also other reasons why we went there (monetary reasons) that aren't stated.

    And like DeeDee stated, we stick our noses into other peoples' business when it's not wanted or even needed, when we can gain from it in some way. But when people need our help and we have nothing to gain from it, we don't bother.

    We "help" people when we want to (even though what we want is actually to gain money, ie. rebuilding contracts in Iraq, putting in a government that will be favorable to U.S. policies, etc.), and then call people a bunch of poor beggars when they complain that we aren't giving help when it's actually needed. The U.S. didn't get to where it is today on it's own. The national debt is way out of hand. U.S. currency isn't even backed by gold like most of the rest of the world. It's value is from the peoples' faith in our government, and that faith will one day be gone.
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    umdkook Guest

    Re: Witnesses to Genocide...AGAIN

    well if u beleive that then you beleive the Presidency is guilty of everything people like Michael Moore claim, and thus should really be put to death for sending over 2000 americans to their deaths just so some companies can make a profit.

    i dont like Bush, but i like to think that even he wouldnt stoop to that level.

    not even the "oil for blood" enthusiasts" have any argument, as that has been a big bust in terms of revenues.

    you think the governement invades a country just so a couple contracting and infrastructure building firms can make a nice profit???

    i garuantee you there are people in these countries that also do NOT want teh US to invade them either.

    10-20000 troops would handle the problem??? so when there is problems in foreign countries, dont worry , the US will just send over tens of thousands of troops to handle it??? and then what??
    dont you see in Iraq that you cant just go into another country 10k miles away with such diffrent culture and expect to just have things go your way? you cant just invade a country, kick out teh dictator and his army, and then just say "ok now you guys will be ok".

    dont get me wrong I am pretty up to date with whats going on, but you cant just act on EVERYTHING. there are problems here in the US to deal with too.

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