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    Hypocrite Obama authorizes FBI & CIA to fabricate news but still condems factual fake news

    The Obama regime has bottomed out on the scale of ethics and honesty folks. He no longer wants us to find our own truthful information on the internet, so he signed his "Disinformation Act" last Friday that authorizes the FBI and CIA to fabricate and distribute any news that serves America's agenda - just like Russia and China did in the 50s. 60,s and 70s! Read it and weep http://thefreethoughtproject.com/fbi...a-mockingbird/

    I hope this is the very first law that Trump repeals. Obama wants to leave his Nazi Gestapo police state legacy known for torture, illegal drone strikes that kills innocent kids, and hammering whistle blowers with relentless persecution. Great job Barrie! Stalin, Hitler, and Mao would be so proud of you right now.
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