"EOC Innovations, LLC" (eocinnovations.com) is a SCAM and fake ripoff of 911iNET, LLC conducted by the wanted criminal Joseph Humberger of Osceola, IN. The website mendaciously claims a Delaware company bought out 911iNET in September 2016, which is Humberger's lie to try to deceptively do business as a different company - since he knows his own criminal reputation is ruined, but still wants to scam public safety agencies.

He is selling a PUBLIC SAFETY/EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-oriented product (i.e., important government info in the hands of a criminal!), which he already scammed some Midwest PSAPs/EOCs into purchasing.

Humberger's crimes are:

-STEALING $46,049 dollars from me in Wire Fraud, claiming an "amazing investment opportunity" and payback in May 2016 (I later learned he had forged emails to persuade me to do this)

-ILLEGALLY/FRAUDULENTLY selling a local public safety administration (in Elkhart, IN, I believe) refurbished radio equipment AS NEW, which he used my money to procure.

-DECEIVING me and others with this "EOC Innovations" ghost LLC filing and website. He forged to me emails as if he were someone from this company who "bought out 911iNET and therefore took on [my] debt". I confirmed through IP-address tracking that the man on the other end of this "EOC Innovations" domain, reportedly from Delaware (i.e., a legitimate business entity who bought his company), was none other than Joe himself in the South Bend, IN area. In this forged and deceptive email, he tried to make me feel I'd get my money back and brow-beated me out of legal prosecution when I threatened (of course since learning the truth I've returned to those measures).

Joseph Humberger of Osceola, IN is a dangerous criminal and has multiple psychological spectrum disorders, which I learned in the course of being scammed by him in a 10 month business relationship that he forged with me to steal my money and try to obstruct my employment. I've been contacted by other worried public safety agencies in Indiana who were on his network, and am spreading the word that EOC Innovations, LLC is NOT a legitimate company with an actual product.

It's an elaborate scam. Avoid. Thank you!