hello people my name is Eli Erickson, I am 35 years old and I live in pasco county Florida, on the night of nov 8th 2013, I was arrested accused of touching a car door handle at night time they call the charge attempted auto burglary , Our American System is 20 trillion dollars in Debt and I believe that a lot of times money is made unlawfully and it some how slips through the System money is also made looking the other way with all of these horrible acts and crimes against Humanity, Like maybe a person could get planted illegal stuff on them sometimes by a person of Public Trust that took an Oath and swore to protect us, And then only to go over seas and unlawfully take other innocent countries oil supplies all around the world by means of unnecessary Force, And then seizse our cars ,taking our homes, and take all of our hard earned cash that you been saving up forever in your own legal bank accounts just so they can say to you that They have taken it because they did not feel that you earned it hard enough, on April 4th 2015 in West Pasco County 6th Judicial court house, I filed a Ten Million dollar Federal lawsuit against Pasco/pinelllas Counties Public Defender MR. Bob Dillinger for Barratry , Conspiracy ,Federal Felony Human civil rights violations Fraud and Conspiracy to human traffic on a legally handycap person in which is myself while i was a hostage and slave in the Pasco county Jail system , the word Enact means make into a law and statue with out a direct enactment is 100% null and void , here is a question to ask yourselves , if a lawyer told you his or her secrets do you really think that they would make any money ? the answer is no , they go to lawyer school to learn to hide the facts regarding a human beings Amendments and Human civil rights , if you ever have been arrested before the state will try to make a plea deal with you, its a trick for a poor sole to unknowingly enter into contract with the court just so they can prosecute a person and get Jurisdiction over a innocent person in a Maritime Jurisiction then force you into a plea deal contract that is unenforcable and also illegal , and when you sign that commercial contract with the courts you give up something called Personal Jurisdiction , by going to criminal court by entering a not guilty plea to the courts is a way that they can get jurisdiction over a innocent person that knows nothing about the law, your not guilty plea is a consent to the state's jurisdiction , it is not required by law that you have to make or give a plea , and if they give a not guilty plea on your own behalf that is practicing law from the bench which is illegal, my name and life is now and forever ruined because of what they did to me, the Pasco County courts sent a public defender by the name of Monica Grey, MR. Bob Dillingers employee I did not give permission for that public defender to come there to meet with me and when the public defender came to meet with me in the jail, mean while the officers that are just trying to do their job dont know the real law or the truth to what these lawyers are telling us and to how they are getting away with selling all of us out but still they moved me from one place in the jail to another to meet with my uninvited guest who was Public Defender MRS. Monica Gray on her request to see me and that is how MR. Bob Dillinger conspired to take part using his employee to trick me and. then your public defender in which only has the intent to misrepresent the law to you comes and tells you that if you dont take the States plea deal you will go to prison for a very, very long time and that is bribery for your freedom , Extortion and fraud on a federal level for withholding information from you reguarding your civil rights in a criminal court hearing, the 6th Amendment is to be informed of the Nature and Cause of the accusation so you can protect yourself from another prosucution on the same charge, and that is manatory but they dont do that because the 6th Amendment only refers to the common law, and under Articial 6 of the United States Constitution mandates that all judges local , state and federal are bound to the supreme law of the land, known only as the common law, the word law means the common law and the common law is a jurisdiction, there are more then 3 jurisdictions and what all state statue books are under Maritime jurisdiction , all cop, lawyer's and judges are all with holding information reguarding our Amendment and Human Civil Rights , so we all need to stand up for what is right and some how stop all of this this injustice and lawless violence that is going on here in America , I have a 25 page federal lawsuit against Pasco/Pinellas County public defender MR. Bob Dillinger and I am making this Federal lawsuit public, you can go to http://www.pascoclerk.com/public-online-services.asp and then click online services then click search court records then click public, and when you get to the name search entering my last name first which is Erickson then entering my first name which is Eli, you are going to want to check the box on the right that says court type which is CA and you are also going to want to have the display cases box checked then click search and at the bottom of the webpage you will see open cases, and the case # to this federal lawsuit is 2015-CA-1211WS. you are welcome to go the the Pasco County court house and print all of this out. I will be making the 25 page federal lawsuit into a pdf file for all of you people to view and read online, you also need to look up on google ' the secret special maritime jurisdiction of the united states exposed , and it will tell you in full detail to what the court system is doing to us innocent Americans and how to protect yourselves, all of you people also need to google what the uniform commercial code means it will save you from being convicted of a crime, and I will be uploading this civil rights lawsuit in pdf form very soon , please help sign my petition to stop this injustice and Misrepresentation of the Law that these Public Defenders are taking all of us for. and to make it known to everybody that reads this online petition, I believe that Pasco/Pinellas County of Florida Public Defender MR. Bob Dillinger is planning to have me Assassinated using the POLICE DEPARTMENT AND OTHER MEANS, I am in fear of my life from this evil satanic man that will try to have me killed to cover up his Federal criminal acts. I' Eli Erickson am using my 1st Amendment freedom of speech to come forward with this true and vitial information ALL RIGHTS RESERVED UNDER THE FOLLOWING UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES. UCC 1-207 . UCC 1-207.7 .UCC 1-103 . UCC 1-103.6 . UCC 1-308 P.S I dont have long I believe that I am going be Killed and end up missing I am in fear of my life Please E-sign. New case update, this case has made it's way to the Tampa Florida Federal court house. https://www.change.org/p/public-defe...nnocent-people