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Thread: Spokeo inc.

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    Spokeo inc.

    Spokeo Inc. sells search services where you can search by name, phone number, address, etc. to find personal information about a person or business. It advertises a 7 day free trial for which you pay a nominal 95 cents and, as long as you cancel by the end of the 7 days, there is supposed to be no additional charge. You must give them a credit card number or use pay pal for payment. After the 7 days, you get charged automatically by the credit card or pay pal, $19.95 a month until you cancel. I have used the 7 day trial twice and canceled both on the 7th day per the agreement. Spokeo, however, charges you the next monthly fee on the 6th day and then refuses to refund the charge even though you legally canceled in time. They claim they have no way to reverse the charge or issue a credit. However, if you threaten them on the phone, they find a way to put you on hold while they find a Supervisor who magically overrides the system to give you your credit which, by the way, may not reflect on your credit card or pay pal account for up to two weeks. BEWARE OF SPOKEO.

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    Re: Spokeo inc.

    I wonder how many people male a stink over the $19.95? This $20 is probably how they earn the bulk of their money!

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