If you were tempted to reply to such mail, you would soon be asked to pay a "processing fee" of several thousand euros or the equivalent in dollars. If you are based in Europe, you might be invited to hand over the money in Amsterdam or pay via an untraceable Western Union service. Your money would be lost, but you would be sure to receive further tempting offers in the future! NB If you tell them you cannot send the fee they require, they might send you a cheque for a larger sum so that you can bank this and then pay them the "handling fee". Given time, you will find that their "cheque" is worthless. They know that it will be a while before your bank gives you the bad news, and they rely on you sending them money before you know the awful truth. TIP: When in doubt, ask your bank for "express clearance" of a cheque (although even this may not guarantee your safety). Oh - and never , ever send money via Western Union, unless to a person you know very well.

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Dear mail owner,
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