Dec 20, 2016, Germany, Berlin, Christmas market:
illuminati stage the winter version of the Nice truck attack along the beach
Poster writes: The old Magical Passport at The Scene of the Terrorist Attack Trick.

Last Prophet replies:
The passport joke already reached the climax on 9/11 2001.
As for trucks and Turkey, the climax was reached on Bastille Day 2016, the winter remake is part of the the world of repetition ad nauseum, where one of the goals is to mock the human cattle:
the truck attack at Berlin's Christmas market, obviously in parallel with another fake blood act in Turkey, this time with "hundreds killed" reduced to "russian ambassador".
A world that is now being terminated, as illuminati's "interaction" with human cattle will be reduced to legal and global slavery and genocide.

Truck attack shows Merkel's vulnerability
December 20, 2016

Are Trucks The Preferred Vehicle To Carry Out Attacks?
December 20, 2016

Last Prophet's words one day after the fake coup in Turkey, Jul 2016:
Transcript from "Bastille Day truck attack hoax for dummies: Tour de France chaos, Tom Brady, Deflategate":
Why is the truck in script
1. The "most mundane of weapons" advances the same agenda as "the terrorist was apparently a perfectly integrated muslim who never showed any signs of being radicalized".
In other words, scripted to pass this message: "it's impossible to prevent such attacks unless muslims are all interned in camps".
2. Turk attack one day after truck attack
One of the lines (and videos) in the script of the fake "Coup attempt in Turkey" is a parallel to Nice: "Turkish Tank Crushes Citizens", "victims"now scripted as muslims, the real targets of the Nice truck.

ALL attacks against civilians in headlines: staged by the same nazis dropping barrel bombs, chlorine and napalm over civilians.
How fake terror attacks advance both the coming and the ongoing genocide