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    Perfume Emporium Scam - Absolute Imitation!

    Dear Folks,

    Well, I Strongely suggest anyone not to deal with these PerfumeEmporium.com crooks, they will give you cheap price too good to be true for an original item which is in fact totally faked imitation. ( What they write in here is a pack of b.llsh.t lies! http://www.perfumeemporium.com/guarantee.cfm )

    Recently I have purchased a 30 oz bottle perfume from the PerfumeEmporium.com but I have received a fragrance that smells as a noname $3 imitation because I have already known the original and also the bottle & label & box donot look original either !! Furthermore, I have not received any invoice/bill because it was sent as a gift and not a commercial sample to avoid official taxation and related formal export follow up for real registered companies!

    Don't waste your money to buy items from them simply because their physical contact information as stated on their website is given below but there is no such company settled over there because my location falls luckily within close viccinity to their address and personally I have visited the spot mentioned! Beware this scammer!
    3440 West Warner Ave., Suite C & D
    Santa Ana, CA 92704 United States
    Customer Service - 877-782-6580

    Moreover, they write on that they operate a large warehouse where they stock over 30,000 products http://www.perfumeemporium.com/about.cfm; However, it is really odd they send the goods from Nukalofa-TONGA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nukualofa) from where my order has been posted (see the picture of the box cover I attached at the bottom).
    It seems that indeed they have found a perfect location for fraudulent activities and they operate their underground business from there; click the following to see the events at Tonga:
    -Escape Tonga
    -Extradited American in California court on wire fraud
    -Property Tonga Real Estate Scam
    -U.S. Seeks Extradition Of Alleged Fraudster Living In Tonga

    Note that the Sender (see the picture of the box cover attached again) shows a company namely Candle Bay Inc !! so having googled it I have reached the conclusion that these scammers are linked to another corrupt activity with exactly the same address but their tel no is different; Telephone: 877-590-6434
    Click here: http://www.candlebay.com/customerservice.cfm

    Lastly, I have tried to call both numbers given but no avail!!. Having checked each of their tel no via reverse phone check:
    -We are sorry but we could not find information on (877) 590-6434.....
    -We are sorry but we could not find information on (877) 782-6580. ...
    So, these numbers as a result look to be INVALID!

    And each of their website's 'About Us' section covers the same story and it begins like these ;
    Candle Bay was started in June 2002 by two brothers who wanted to bring ......
    Perfume Emporium was started in 1999 by two brothers who wanted to bring .....

    So, who are these two brothers? Virtual scammer brothers hiding with no name & no origin! You have to be staying away from these rotten bros!!

    Later on I have reviewed some of the customer complaint sites about the PerfumeEmporium scammer and sees that many people have suffered similarly!
    Read the reviews clicking below links;

    Like everyone I time to time buy goods from the internet. This was my worst experience of all unfortunately. I wish I had done a solid search before buying from these shady con artists! They are all fraud and cheating!

    Beware and take enough care!

    All the best,
    [email protected]@[email protected]@
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