they say they are not a mlm, but reviewing how they work they sure look like one. You can only purchase the 'product' if you join, they say it is like joining a Sams club. Not so.
Wanted an investment of at least$250 to purchase at the discount price, totally discouraging you from even looking at retail price, which you can only see via a rep. Then you are expected to purchase at least a min amt of $70 in prod ea month.

Like any mlm you get a % of those below you, off shoots in the lateral vs levels deep is their speal.. denying it is mlm. Is there something I am missing? the meaning of MLM is just that isn't it? They also have severe restrictions on your advertising of the products ... they don't seem to want to sell products as much as 'recruit'.
They may have a great product, but not if you can't buy it only when needed and have to guarantee a quota.

Other experiences on this welcome.