Where to begin.... my mechanic decided to not go with the normal companies for an exhaust he heard about fabspeed and some very good advertising that they had to make him believe that they had a superior product. And then it all goes downhill from there we initially purchased the exhaust system from headers to x pipe high-flow cats air filters and air covers. $13,000 later a box and ship to my mechanic filled with what looked like not so good craftsmanship and a horrible fit once mounted. Once mounted we have to ship them back out ECU computers so they can be programmed they were shipped back to us and the car would not start we were told was because the computer programmer had a virus and his computer we towed the vehicle directly to them had them reprogram it yet again and the car turned on within 50 miles of leaving their shop the first drive one of the O2 sensor is cracked and broke off! directly on the welds. We shipped the high-flow cat back to them for a under warranty repair it came back looking absolutely horrific completely butchered my mechanic reluctantly put it back on within 10 miles the other catalytic converter Has Broken. this time we ship back the entire exhaust system demanding a refund as check engine lights were on from the moment of install and could not be taken off no matter what we did. My highly trained mechanic has worked on Exotics in excess of five million dollars such as McLaren and a Ferrari Enzo he has 20 years in the industry. He commented this material is very cheaply made and believes we should just get a refund and go with a different company. Fabspeed did not give us refund day shipped back the exhaust system repaired yet again with just as bad of a weld as the beginning. He reluctantly put it on yet again within 5 miles of its first drive in front of a fabspeed technician it broke on both sides yet again with the check engine light on the entire time. Fabspeed has promised me refunds I have recorded conversations and voicemails and text messages. They are now not refunding me nor any of my shop time we will be entering into a lawsuit against them and also seeking class-action status since we found out how many other people have had the same exact issue. Where the catalytic converter breaks also headers exhaust systems and anything they basically touch. The worst part about the break-in the catalytic converter is directly in line of the engine which means the hole that was created could cause engine fire. Please stay away from fabspeed unless you are looking to do an insurance claim for a car fire I would never recommend buying any of their product if you'd like to be involved with the class action lawsuit please go to www.fabspeedsucks.com fill out an entry form and the attorneys will be contacting you