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    Confidential Business Proposal from Syria

    from: Mrs.Asma Al-Assad < [email protected]>
    reply-to: [email protected]
    date: Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 10:30 AM
    subject: Confidential Business Proposal from Syria

    Greeting to you

    I am Mrs.Asma Al-Assad,I am the wife of the current Syria President, I decided to contact you because of my urgent need of a trusted person who can assist me and my husband in transferring the sum of 150 Million USD which my husband deposited in a bank in Cambodia.

    We want to relocate the funds as soon as possible for investment in your country because of the current political problem in our country, we are ready and prepared to offer you 30% of the total amount for your assistant.

    I will give you full details as soon as I hear from you.

    Await your prompt response for more details,

    Kind Regards

    Her Excellency

    Mrs.Asma Al-Assad

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    Re: Confidential Business Proposal from Syria

    Dera Folks,

    Nowadays, scammers have been sending out several types of scam emails that leverage the situation in Syria to attract the attention of potential victims.

    These type of scams, also known as Nigerian scams, often use words like “revolution,” “crisis” and “turmoil.” Some variants analyzed by researchers appear to come from the representatives of well-known Syrian banks.

    The crooks claim the banks’ customers want to transfer millions of dollars out of Syria. Of course, those willing to help them are promised considerable rewards.

    In another 419 scam, the cybercrooks pretend to represent the International Committee of the Red Cross. The emails tell the story of an oil trader who died in Syria. The Red Cross representative allegedly has his fortune and wants help in transferring it out of the country.

    Other messages appear to come from regular people. When samples analyzed they some time to come from a teacher, while another one from the “mother of two kids.”

    Here are a few variants of these sort of emails:

    Variant 1: “I am Mrs. Fadilah Rajha from Syrian present in hospital. I got your contact from your country directory and my trust rely on you. My decision to contact you is to offer my husband (A Syrian Defence minister killed in the civil war “General Dawoud Rajha”) fund to you for charity foundation in your country.”

    Variant 2: “I am Mrs. Jamila Hussein a Teacher and Muslim Convert here in Syria, I had sent a previous mail which I am not sure you got. I need your assistance to invest and assist relocate 3 kids who are 17 years and blow so that they can get a better life there in your country due to the ongoing crises here in Syria.”

    Variant 3: “I hope this message meets you in good health. I am Michael E. Porter, assistant coordinator of the ICRC’s logistics in Syria. I am contacting you in regard to a very Confidential business with hope that you will not let me down now and in the future.”

    Variant 4: “Due to the recent turmoil in Syria a customer is urgently looking for a reliable partner in your country to transfer his investment capital of 17.2 million dollars to his company account for investment, if your company accounts can receive this account contact him with his email address.”

    ... and many more depending on the scammers creativity which is limitless!

    All the best,
    [email protected]@[email protected]@

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