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Thread: Duality of God

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    Re: Duality of God

    Quote Originally Posted by lexx View Post
    you sound CONFUSED!? why not ask god!?
    I ignore advise from those who know nothing about what they say. Begin by reading the Bible.
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    Re: Duality of God

    I have maintained Revelation 11 about the two witnesses is about God (Duality) giving testamony to his chosen people. In Rev. 11, which I claim to be the story about God (two witnesses), we have direct evidence for God's duality. It is in the last few verses of Rev. 11. "Then Gods' temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant." (Rev. 11:19). We know there are two angels facing one another on the top of the "ark of the covenant." Those two angels represent God's duality. The ark is a literal interpretation for God's duality. Therefore, it would be appropriate for it to be mentioned in relationship to the "two witnesses" (God) in Rev. 11. It can't get any better than that for direct evidence!
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