Dear Service Providers,

My name is Vijay Mahlia and we run a very successful IT Business in the UK.
Couple of years ago we have been using the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd in Mauritius MIGs gateway and we have done over 10MUSD with them.

To our greatest surprise, Mr Bruno Cheung from the Mauritius Commercial Bank called us last week and was asking very odd questions to us. He was asking if our company is willing to recruit a Mauritius Director for our company!!!!. I think this guy is just looking for a job.
Well he was asking if he can get a good salary as he will leave the bank soon.
I have no problem recruiting a bank guy but only thing is we do not do trade in Mauritius and therefore we do not need staff in Mauritius too.

But here is the biggest surprise of all:
The guy Bruno Cheung is asking me for a salary of 5000USD per month.
I said very clearly that our company is not recruiting for the moment and i'll let him know once the company is hiring.
All of a sudden he started shouting at me and was saying that 'Indians are curry munchers!!!!'. He also stated that indians eat shits!!!. And we cannot do business like whites!. 'Like whites???'. Are there really whites in Mauritius??'.

My views for this guy Bruno Cheung.

I think this guy needs to be fired right away and do not deserve to be working for a bank. How can he say such craps to us indians. We are the world's biggest superpowers and how dare you talk to us like that.?.

Unfortunately i couldn't record his conversation and he was also calling me using a private number, i guess might be a mobile number?.

Mr Bruno Cheung (cheung is this a chinese?), has issues with indians and wants to promote only 'Whites' in the Mauritius Commercial Bank.

But Mr Bruno, you need to know one thing, you are a very small bank and a very small country, that is why even your mind is so tiny.

Yes you have lost us as a company and we are never processing with you again.
You are so racist and i doubt if that Mauritius Commercial Bank also is totally racist.

So. good bye.