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date: Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 7:07 AM
subject: Re: From Ghana commerial bank.

Do you receive the email contact of mr chima the little boy your helping in our bank,i what to let you know,the death certificate of our late client mr, chima mohammade is very important in this transaction, without you providing the document we transferring the fund to you is invalid.

According to bank director she said that, the little boy will still ask us about his fund if we transfer the money to you without his late father death certificate and we can not betray the little boy.Therefore you will first provide us the document death certificate of our late client mr chima mohammade before we proceed and let you know how to pay the 800 euros for the reactivation of the account for 8 years.
moreover contact him his the one with the death certificate document of his late father and this is Mr chima mohammade contact ([email protected]) for the death certificate document.i hope you understand me.

Ar Akwaba Baba
from: [email protected]
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date: Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 6:58 PM
subject: Re: From Ghana commerial bank.


Dear Client,

We receive your mail and we need the follow information and document from you,to prov your self the right beneficially to our late client Mr chima mohammade,before transferring the sum of 5 million euros,into your account.also the account where this fund will be transfer.

1)His death certificate........
3)His height................
2)The color of the briefcase.........
5)His signature in world.........
6)And 800 euros to reactivate the account,for 8 years.immediately your through the bank requirements,the fund will be transfer,into the account you prove.
Take care.

Mr Akwaba Baba.