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Thread: Malibu Camera

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    Malibu Camera

    I ordered a new lens from these folks for $569.00 and they called and said that the lens I ordered was a Europe model with a plastic mount and if I wanted a US model with the metal mount it would cost me $130 more ($699.00). I told them to send the US model and they said they would expedite shipping however after waiting 7 days I had not received the lens. I called them and they said it was being shipped directly from Canon - they said nothing about expedited shipping but offered me a $20.00 rebate for my patience. I think this is false advertising and have contacted the district attorney and filed a complaint as there web site said nothing about a Europe model vs a US model. After calling them several times to request shipping information they gave me a phony tracking number and at that point I said to cancel my order and they responded by hanging up.

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    Re: Malibu Camera

    They do not appear on the most recent list of Canon Authorized Dealer's (Listing date 28OCT2016).


    There is also already a thread about them here at Scam.com started last AUG.;
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    Re: Malibu Camera

    should have done my homework before I ordered. I filed a complaint the the LA district attorneys office.

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