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    Scam Alert... Mayflower Education - Beijing: A small school with BIG problems

    This tiny school of 200 sudents located in Haidian District of Beijing is handing out coupons to random foreigners on the street. Correction, randow WHITE foreigners on the street that say "We Want You! followed with a quick presentation that they hire any American or Canadian citizen to come teach at their school even if they are in China on a student visa, and even if they never taught anything in their lives. They promise 15,000 a month. So my buddy decided to check them out. I wanted to as well but I am a black American and they did not offer me one of the coupons - just my white friend.

    Today, almost a week later, I asked him how Mayflower checked out and he just laughed and said "It didn't". He told me there is nothing legitimate about the company at all and that they could not even show him a business license but offered him health insurance after a 90 day probation period. Chinese labor law says that on a one year contract probation periods cannot exceed 30 days. My friend asked the name of the health care insurance company and the HR girl said she "didn't know"! He was given a tour of the tiny school which is a converted 3 bedroom apartment subdivided into 10 cubicles suitable for dwarfs, but not Snow White.

    He said there is a a teacher's board with about 20 photos of teachers posted and when he asked to speak to a few he was introduced to one teacher "Amanda" - a Chinese girl in her 30s who turned out to be the owner! But since 15,000 a month was enticing he endured the tour until he recognized one of the teachers on the board as an old friend and decided to call her. The old friend said she left the company weeks ago and was surprised her photo was still being used. It got worse from there. She said the reason they need foreign teachers is because the PSB visa cops came by last May and June and arrested a few teachers for working without a Z visa. As it turns out Mayflower is not registered with SAFEA and is one of those black schools not authorized to hire foreigners. When my buddy asked his old friend why she quit, she just said "too many lies and health issues".

    Now my buddy is a veteran in China for almsot 5 years and he is used to the lies so he asked about the "health issues", She said two teachers mysteriosly disappeared about the same time and one of them a Toefl teacher named Tao is now living in a hospital. This morning she sent him this link with the advice "Suggest you keep your health and take a pass". http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/health...l-tefl-english

    He followed her advice, I am now debating if I should pass this info on to China's health ministry and CCTV demanding a random testing of all the students and teachers. It also makes me wonder how many other dinky black school like this one have the same problems? E can all live with a few lies saying we are native-speaking Americans when we are not, but getting exposed to contagious diseases is another thing IMO.
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