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    Oakland Ghost Ship fire

    Wonder why nobody from Oakland California is mentioning the use of drugs in this warehouse fire that has killed 37 people, so far? I would imagine drugs and alcohol were a big reason so many didn't make it out of this burning warehouse and of course all of the obstacles because of so many permits and laws being violated.

    Shame on Oakland for letting this warehouse be used in the wrong way, many a young person has lost their lives becasue of this cities negligence. The people living, working and partying there are responsible too but especially the City of Oakland and the owner/ renter of this warehouse.

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    Re: Oakland Ghost Ship fire

    I've been reading more about this tragedy. It's being reported there were several popular DJ'S at the Ghost Ship for the party that was taking place when the fire started. I also have read up to 100 people were attending. In this article I'm going to post it states there was one exit and the fire blocked the exit while the lights went out in the building during the fire.

    I'm shocked there aren't many more casualties than 37 but they have said it will go up.
    The fire dept. reported they were there in three minutes from receiving the call of a fire.

    Wonder if any of these people realize how unsafe this building was and why popular DJ's would participate in such a dangerous social affair. They have reported this was underground entertainment, just what does that mean?


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