Texas door and trim, Inc is a door and trim material supply company based in Dallas, TX. They sell doors, windows and molding material to home builders and general contractors. Unfortunately, my company is one contractor that they are trying to harm. My company's attorney will be filing a lawsuit next week regarding my disputed account with this company. They will not standby any mistakes that their staff makes during the ordering, delivery or accounting process. This company continues to stiff contractors with invoices on mis-ordered materials, incorrect quantities and incorrect sizes. If you refuse to pay The invoice for the incorrect items, they will file liens on your customers' houses in an attempt to force you to pay for the mistake. The sales representatives for the company have become aware of the problem and are leaving to work for their competitors. Good for them! When attempting to dispute an invoice, Pamela Webb, VP of accounting, continues to email out conflicting information, vague and rude responses and a complete disregard for your attempt to assist in correcting a problem that only affects the customer, the most important person. If you asked to speak with the owner, the management team has been instructed to refuse. This forced my company into filing a lawsuit to get their attention. Apparently we are not the only company they have attempted to harm. When reading other reviews online and through other general contractor and homebuilder networks, we have determined that there have been several complaints with this company for the same behavior. Be careful if you choose to do business with Texas door and trim, Inc.