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    I think Google Adsense has got it wrong.

    When Google Adsense started it was contextual. If the forum post was about "religion" it had religious ads. Google Adsense over the past 6 years have really screwed themselves are 1000's of loyal webmaster publishers. This forum made 10x what it used to and I blame the management at Google Adsense. Here at scam.com we talk internet, politics, religion, movies, fun stuff, government, mlm, etc. The ads used to be about the post.

    Right now it is all about your surfing habits.

    I bought a pair of reader glasses the other day and it doesn't matter what page I got to on my own website, it is 100% glasses ads. And many times the same dumb company.

    This is not smart for Google.
    I already bought a pair.

    I'm done with it.

    Now I am doomed for a month.

    My point is this:
    I am a normal human that has many interests, not just eyeglasses.

    Google really screwed the pooch for everyone including surfers. There are times when I surf conspiracies or legit religions, hunting. So if I go to a hunting site, guess what? Show me crossbow ads, attire, dvds, books on HUNTING not eyeglasses.

    Just my 2 cents.

    I want Google to be successful but my monthly payment is what directly affects me.

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    Re: I think Google Adsense has got it wrong.

    Hey Admin

    you wrote this post 4 years ago. Do you still share the same views? Have they gotten better or worse. Do you use them and if so why? I am starting up a small business in China and can't afford a big marketing budget. What is your advice? Thanks.

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    Re: I think Google Adsense has got it wrong.

    Yes, in some cases still the same from Google. Two months ago I visited SONY and Sennheiser for headphones. While I was on those sites they shows ads of those sites then in their websites. And I am still getting those ads because I didn't select I have already bought this. Either I have to give them false info like "I have already bought them" or I have to buy them. This is annoying.

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