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    Scam Alert - Mayflower Education of Beijing is total copy cat scam school - Warning!

    The Mayflower Education School in Wudaokou (Mei En) is not licensed to do business in China and tries to say they are affiliates of the famous Mayflower Education Group in the U.k. and America and they are not. They have NOTHING to do with Mike Crisp and just try to get a free ride on Mike's good reputation. The China school is not registered with SAFEA nor SAID, nad the Tax Bureau says their overdue tax situation caused them to be blacklisted with the Ministry of Education. Yet through bribes they continue to operate and hire foreign teachers illegally - without Z visas and without univeristy degrees. Some of their teachers have recently been arrested and deported and four other teachers left after being cheated thousands of dollars. One former Chinese teacher claims she caught Hepatitos from working at the school and now filing a law suit. Allegedly that teachers says that most of the foreign teachers are gay or lesbian and one was caught playing uno card games with his VIP student for two hours. The really qualified teachers left Mayflower when previious owner Anie Feng sold the school to a Chinese lady named Bao Li who uses the English name of Amanda.

    Although the school is reported to pay well, 12,000 to 16,000 for a 20 hour work week, the health risks and those of being arrested and jailed are high. The PSB has raide the school twice in the last year and it seems that only bribes keep the school open now. According to a former American teacher who is now giving cooking classes to Chinese housewives, the schook will hire Europeans who can speak good English and then tell all the parents that they are American native English Speakers. Hepatitis is extremely serious, so work there at your own risk.

    They advertiise with blind ads on Beijinger and exhinacities and uses a variety of agents. Watch Out and do not let them tell you they are affiliated with Mike Crisp or any famous University. They are a stand-alone scam school that can be closed down at any time.
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    Re: Scam Alert - Mayflower Education of Beijing is total copy cat scam school - Warning!

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