from: Mr. X <>
to: Recipients <>
date: Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 12:16 AM

Good Day! I am the Head of Corporate Finance at Shawbrook Asset Finance, Ltd here in UK, I handle all investment bankers, private investment groups and private investor's direct capital funds. I do have a private authorization of one of my clients (Mr.) Talal Ben Yushah who is from Libya with delicate political position to seek for individuals with sound financial management experiences to handle the investment and management of over US$500 Million devoid of his name. If you have fund management abilities or credible projects in need of funding, please let us a have brief description of your nature of business/professional experiences alongside your registered business name and physical address in a returned email so we can discuss further. NOTE: This mutual partnership is 100% legal, risk Call me +44 7937025283 or reply to: I will explain further when you respond. I count on your understanding and I would appreciate your urgent response. Note if you are not wily to handle the transaction don't border to reply me this is very serious thank you. Sincerely, Mr. Park John
from: Park John <>
to: <>
date: Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 3:56 AM
subject: Re: Good Day!


A good day to you and your family, I am glad as ever to hear from you. Thanks for your mail as i have carefuly gone through your mail and the contents of your mail are well noted by me.The fact that you are really capable of handling the investment and willing to assist on this investment is well appreciated.

Your experience on how to project this fund into a profitable bussiness will be worth appreciating in founding someone like you to rely on as far as this investment is concern. I think my client will appreciate the calibre of your type with experience to handle investment on his behalf. we also need you to brief us more about your bussiness experience and what you intend investing this fund on when the fund might has been released to you.

My clients (Mr.) Talal Ben Yushah has presented a subtle offer which will need the help of a partner like you to complete successfully. (Mr.) Talal Ben Yushah is in a difficult situation and he must immediately relocate certain sums of money out and this must be done in such a way that it must not be tied to (Mr.) Talal Ben Yushah.

The money is currently deposited in the name of an existing legal entity. Your role will be to:

[1]. Act as the original beneficiary of the funds.
[2]. Receive the funds into a business/private bank account.
[3]. Invest/Manage the funds outside of any country.
[4]. Value of funds: US$500 Million US Dollars.

Everything will be done legally to ensure the rights to the funds are transferred to you. If you agree to partner with Mr. Chen partnership business proposal, he will compensate you with 15 percent of the total sum.

Should you prefer I re-contact you with more express facts, you can send me your:

[1] Full Names:
[2] Full personal contact address
[3] Telephone Numbers (mobile and office numbers)
[4] Scan copy of your valid ID

I trust you will act expeditiously and await your much needed cooperation my partner.

Mr. Park John.