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    thanksgiving movie

    accidently ended up watchin a movie and it has thanksgiving as a plot element. its called "pieces of april" its an indie film 2003 got decent ratings, very different from what i was expecting......check it out if you can find it!
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    Re: thanksgiving movie

    Thank you for your advice. I'm not a fan of indie movies, but this one I'll try to find and watch.

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    Re: thanksgiving movie

    Originally Posted by nomaxim
    Sorry there ''ohein56', but it appears that 'Joecool44' does not have the position that you envision on this topic.

    'Joecool44' has, as a matter of routine, refuted most of your accusations
    Quote Originally Posted by Jax74 View Post
    Some people have the ability to think critically, some do not. ohein obviously doesn't.

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    Re: thanksgiving movie

    Good info! I like watching movies on holidays, so I'm glad that I've found your post. Usually I visit movie reviews sites https://streamingsites.com/movies-review-sites/ in order to choose a good film to watch, but of course, it is much better to find out other people's thoughts. Thanks!

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