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Thread: loan scam

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    loan scam

    On 11/20/2016 at 5:43 PM, "Isaac Robinson" < trustloanfirm.link071@gmail.com>

    Chase Bank
    Account Name : Earl Eugene Francis
    Account No:5623X2769
    Account Routing No:267084131


    We have two mood of transferring loan to our client, which are Bank to Bank transfer or Western Union Money Transfer, find both options details below. note both option cost the same amount fee and it will only cost the sum of $285usd to transfer the loan to you and the fee will be paid immediately you agree with the terms and conditions and we will receive the fee via western union. So get back for the details to pay the transfer fee.

    If you choose bank to bank transfer, the loan will be transfer to your bank account directly and will reflect after 4 hours due to the state of international transaction and you are to provide the below information

    Name of your bank :
    Your bank address :
    Your bank account name :
    Your bank account number :
    Your bank account routing number :

    This is the fastest way to send money worldwide.You will receive the fund within five to ten minutes to reflect on destination. if you are in agreement with this mode, you will have to send down the below information to receive your loan,

    Name of Receiver:
    Receiver country:
    Receiver State:
    Receiver City:
    Question text:
    Text Answer:
    Your telephone number:
    Do give me a quick answer and provide your details to receive your loan if you're okay with this payment plan so that I will advise you on the next steps of this transaction. We await your response,
    Best regard,
    Mr Isaac
    On 11/20/2016 at 5:38 PM, "Isaac Robinson" < trustloanfirm.link071@gmail.com>

    Attention Beneficiary
    TRUST LOAN FIRM.LINK is fully ready in giving out a loan of $75,000.00usd to you. We are 100% guarantee that in two to four days from now that your loan fund will be ready for transfer and also a letter of approval will be set out for confirmation to you, all what we really need from you is trust and cooperation to enable us make good record of your loan transaction.

    The loan repayment is based on a monthly basis which consist of the loan capital and interest rate
    together. Like its written, the loan duration period is for 3 year.

    Loan Amount Requested:$75,000.00usd
    Loan Interest Rate:2.5%
    Loan Term:3 years
    Monthly Loan Payment:$2,164.60
    Number of Payments:36
    Cumulative Payments:$77,925.72
    Total Interest Paid:$2,925.72
    Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 35 payments of $2,164.60 plus a final payment of $2,164.72.

    Further more be informed that in line with the rules governing this organization, you will be required to make payment on monthly basis back to our company account that will be sent to you soonest after you received your loan funds valid sum of $75,000.00usd

    { 1 } The applicant will start the repayment of loan at the end of every month starting from 6 months after loan has been transferred to the loan beneficiary.

    { 2 } Applicant who is unable to meet-up with the re payment will be given additional TWO months more as a grace period before legal actions will be taken.

    { 3} Failure to pay back the loan at this expected date/period, legal actions will be taken against the applicant by our attorney officer in_charge immediately. In agreement to this,applicant will be expected to send a signed copy of the loan terms and send to us for further documentation. Once this is received,we will inform you when your loan will be approved and ready for transfer.

    { 4} Applicant will be responsible for the cost of transfer,any customer who fail to do so,the transaction will be withdrawn immediately by the bank officer in charge of transfer,which means the loan will be cancelled,because the applicant is not ready for the transaction.

    The loan must refunded back to the lender at the end of the tenure the loan seeker is seeking the loan for without any delay. For this reason, we are giving a maximum duration of (3) Years to the loan seeker so that he /she will be able to repay the loan within that period. You are to note that repayment starts (6) months after receiving the loan. And you are required to make a Monthly repayment this is done because we do not want a situation whereby you are not able to meet up with the Yearly payment. We will provide you our account which you will be making the monthly installment after (6)months of receiving the loan.

    It is a condition of all loans that borrowers co-operate in our regular monitoring, have proper financial systems, and provide quarterly management accounts which the bank will be transferring the loan into. If you are in agreement to the company terms and condition you are then advice to get back to US as soon as possible so that we can move to the next step.

    If you fully agreed with the Loan Terms and Re-payment/Condition of the loan amount of *($75,000.00usd)*, you are to get back to us so that we can take the next step to forward your information to the approval department for your loan to be approved. So that we can start processing your loan. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

    Note: Your cell phone number must be reachable at all time because without that we can not grant you this loan. You are to send us an email as soon as possible stating if you are in agreement with the terms okay.
    I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , hereby on this day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE and this REQUIREMENTS
    AND AGREEMENT with REFERENCE number 45189YM herein as provided above. I shall abide by its rules and regulations as stated and provided for me by the Direct Access Online Services. So I will be awaiting your response urgently and once i get a response from you i will contact my barrister to prepare the loan agreement for you for the proper documentation of your loan funds without any further delay.
    Mr Isaac Robinson.
    The Loan Dept Director
    From Isaac Robinson < trustloanfirm.link071@gmail.com>
    To <>
    Sent Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 12:01 PM

    My Valuable Borrower,
    Thanks on your response to our advertisement regarding our loan program. This is TRUST LOAN FIRM.LINK we offer long and short term Loan with a reliable guarantee,Our Loan Interest rates is very low and affordable with a negotiable duration, Well getting a loan from this company is 100% assured with unlimited grace of God. To get started with your loan proceedings, you will be required to furnish us with your personal details as stated below to enable us commence on your Loan process and application. A more detailed explanation about this Loan program will be sent to you as soon as we receive the below information.


    1) The Borrower must be trusted with good faith and unlimited grace
    2) Even with Bad credit, we still Guarantee the Borrower the Loan with unlimited grace in this company.
    3) The Loan Can Be Granted Even With low credit.
    4) Fixed Rate Of The Loan interest is 2.5%.


    In the loan we offer, we do charge 2.5% yearly for the loan. Note that the loan re-payment schedule starts 6 months after loan has been
    transferred to applicants.


    As for the information needed, you will need to fill out the Loan Application Form which contains your personal information and also the loan information, this will help us give you a full documentation of the loan terms and agreement contract which you will be expected to sign and send back to the company for approval if satisfied.


    After receiving your application form, all documents will be forwarded to you either by fax or email attachment within 4 hours. Immediately the signed document is received from the beneficiary, approval document follows within 5 hours. So I will rather say, it will take 24 hours to have your loan processed, Please fill this application Form below.

    Please note that the beneficiary him/her has to fill out this Loan Application Form below before the company can proceed with the loan transfer.


    *Full Name:……………
    *Resident Full Address:……
    *Marital Status:…………….
    *Fax Number:………………………
    *Office Number :…………….
    *Mobile Number:…………………..
    *Preferred Contact:................
    *Zip Code:.......................
    *Monthly Income:……………….
    *Amount Requested:……………
    *Loan Duration:………………
    *Loan Purpose…………………
    *Have you applied before:................
    *Which site did you found our advert:..................
    In acknowledgment to these details, As soon as we receive the above information, a more detailed information will be passed across to you.The Loan repayment schedule for your required amount will be prepared for you as well,So an urgent response will be highly appreciated.
    Mr Isaac Robinson{MD}
    ================================================== =
    *Warning from TRUST LOAN FIRM.LINK(T.L.F.L)
    The information contained in this email transmission is confidential and for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s)if you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, disclosure, dissemination, distribution (other than to the recipient),copying or taking any action because of this information is strictly prohibited
    ================================================== =
    FromT.L.F.L < dtce@eeb2.be>
    Reply-to Isaac Robinson < trustloanfirm.link071@gmail.com>
    Sent Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 11:33 AM

    To who it may concern!
    Getting a reliable loan online is now big problem to loan seekers,Trust Loan Firm.Link is here to offer your loan amount with a very low interest rate of 3%,If interest in our loan offer,contact us today via trustloanfirm.link071@gmail.com for more information.
    Mr Isaac.
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