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    BWIN scammer in sports betting, bwin is a scam in betting and bwin.com cheat money

    ElectraWorks Limited and GVC Holdings manage Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG or BWIN, so beware of them and bwin's related websites which you can search about their related websites online.

    I had already lost GBP474.79 in September 2015 because of bwin.com’s and lure of and dirty trick in bwin's PROTEKTOR schemes. Bwin targeted on me and on bwin's other potential customers who bwin could try to bully to take away our stakes, winning profits and etc. I had stopped placing bets since then.

    But I continued to start placing bets from March 11, 2015 to April 13, 2015, hoping that I could win back the money that I had lost. Later, I requested to change my account currency, so Bwin told me to close my previous account to open a new account. I am not sure if Bwin had cheated me here and there in my previous account without me knowing about it besides my new account and if bwin.com intended to email fake lost bet results particularly to me because bwin erased my history of bets for March and April 2016 after finding out that in November 2016, I was saving my bet results for September and October 2016 because bwin thought mistakenly that I had deleted my emails about my past bet results. On September 12, 2016, bwin.com started to use bwin's underhand means to cheat all my winning profits since bwin started to realise that there won’t be any much hope in me in placing big bets when bwin.com saw that I only placed bets in a little amount of money and not in a big amount of money.

    Also, when bwin.com knew that I tried hard in analysing my bet history of results, was learning to forecast bet winning results and won’t place any bets in bwin's poker, casino games and etc, bwin began their ploy by stealing my money from my stakes and winning profits. Bwin would tell me the same answers that bwin credited my winning profits correctly which were in fact all lies since this time bwin's underhand means showed very obviously to me. Bwin.com bullied me when they knew that I am not from the UK, didn’t want to join their dirty promotions, and didn’t want to place higher bets and bets that were risky but just placing small & safe bets.

    It proves to me that bwin is not regulated by any authorities because bwin.com could do whatever bwin like with my money by taking a lot of my winning profits and stakes secretly and kept on denying my claims. I started to feel suspicious when my balance was becoming lesser and lesser unfairly and while I was placing my bets, I noticed some inconsistencies in my balance shown such as the balance was not updated after I placed my bets as the following which I sent bwin a message with a subject: Please return back my money from my stakes and possible winnings since I took a lot of time to analyse the sports results but bwin took my hard-earned money.

    On 9/27 (27 July, 2016) your bwin system showed that my placed bet of Sport A has a total stake= $X with possible winnings= $Y. Actually, I placed a bet of $Z to win $Q but bwin.com system showed that I only bet $X (lesser amount than my real bet amount by 5 times). That is cheating my money.

    On 9/27 (27 July, 2016) for my placed bet of Sport B and total stake= $X with possible winnings= $Y and I placed a bet for this twice but you didn’t include my 2nd bet, so you only added my possible winnings= $Y when my possible winnings should be $Y X 2.

    On 9/26 (26 July, 2016) for my placed bet of Sport C and total stake= $X with possible winnings= $Y & I placed a bet for this but you didn’t include it, so you make my balance short of $Y.

    That day, I checked my balance= $A and later I got 2 winning profits from Bet number: 1UN6A8K0WS= $X & Bet number: 1UN6A5JAZU= $Y but you didn't add $Y since I checked my balance still the same shortage. But I ignored the deficit and continued to place bets until my balance now= $Z but for so long, your bwin system still didn't add my winning profits= $Y. Why?

    Bwin.com’s reply= We would like to apologise for the delay in responding to your query. In order to reply to your query, we would kindly ask you to send us the bet slip ID of the bet in question. To find that, please log in to your account and click on "My account/My bets". This is where all bets placed are saved and the list contains the following headings: Date, Bet type, Bet, Pick, Result, Stake, Odds and Winnings. Please copy the 10-digit numbers specified under "Bet slip ID" and forward them to us.

    My reply: But I told you that I do not have the records for these bet slip IDs because your bwin system fail to include these and your bwin.com system modified my bet details for my previous questions. I feel that your bwin.com system might malfunctioned on that day. Can you fix your bwin system or check on your bwin system about why my bets were not included in my list of bets? My balance become lesser and lesser unfairly. Could you return back my money from my stakes & possible winnings?

    Bwin.com’s reply: We have looked into your bets ID's 1UMRBFZGWW, and 1UMRAALK8W, and can see they were both settled correctly, and your account balance updated. Unfortunately I can not find your bet placed on the following event Sport C. We would need a bet ID to find this bet. We can also report that we did not have any technical issues with our system at or around the time of your bet placements.

    The obvious underhand means of bwin is as the following:
    I sent bwin a message: Before I placed all my bets below, my balance was $A. Today (November 2, 2016) I calculated my winning profits= $B and added it to $A= $C. Why did bwin make my balance lesser than my actual balance ($C)? This is not the 1st time that bwin.com cheats me but bwin cheated my money for more than a few times already.

    Bwin’s reply= After reviewing your account carefully, we can confirm that your account balance is correct and that there is no winnings that are missing.

    My reply= Below are my bet slip details about my winning profits & I do not know which games the money should have been credited from, so please find out about it carefully. Can you return the credited amount to me soon?:
    Bet slip details:
    1. and so forth.

    I took a lot of time to analyse the sports bet results but bwin took my hard-earned money. Bwin are so so malicious, irresponsible, deceitful and big liars. Last time, I already felt suspicious on my bwin.com balance because it was so slow to update after placing my bets, so I emailed bwin who then answered me slyly. I emailed bwin.com about when bwin would reply my emails but no respond from bwin and ignoring my emails even after showing bwin my bet slip details about my balance shortage. Thus, it already clearly shows bwin's true colours and bwin.com as money scammers indeed.

    On November 6, 2016, I phoned bwin.com & a man told me to email bwin my questions, so I emailed bwin my questions again. I phoned bwin.com again on Nov 9, 2016 to ask them when they would reply me. Another man answered my call and said that they already answered my question. But their answers in one email respond were short, so insufficient with full of lies, didn't answer my questions and didn’t show me any proof at all. I phoned them four times on the same day because all the three men hung up the phone on me so rudely & abruptly. The 4th time, was a woman who answered the phone & I scolded her for her colleagues being so rude to me. Do not join bwin who are very foxy and bwin would not respond to you when bwin scammed you. Bwin.com pretend to be good by joining the good associations but in reality bwin are also scammers.
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    Re: BWIN scammer in sports betting, bwin is a scam in betting and bwin.com cheat money

    It's amazingly important to find a good trustworthy sports betting website if you don't want to loose your money.

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    Re: BWIN scammer in sports betting, bwin is a scam in betting and bwin.com cheat money

    you need a better " bookie" try to find a local "bookie" in you area or try more established outfits like sbgglobal.com in the Caribbean or Ladbrokes
    go to www.sbgglobal.eu or www.ladbrokes.com.au I am told both are reliable

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    Re: BWIN scammer in sports betting, bwin is a scam in betting and bwin.com cheat money

    You are absolutely right! It is the most significant thing to my mind. I always make sport bets for many sports games. Of course, I don`t watch them all, because I don`t have so much time. I just check sports betting tips and it helps to make some conclusions.

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    Re: BWIN scammer in sports betting, bwin is a scam in betting and bwin.com cheat money

    Here I am gonna share a very safe and secure betting platform where you can have blind trust because already many people endorsed this platform and often play sports betting. I also use this source (https://esportzbet.com/) whenever I do play betting for earning money. I strongly recommend it for your all betting lovers.

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    Re: BWIN scammer in sports betting, bwin is a scam in betting and bwin.com cheat money

    I dont like bwin since they were sponsors of Real Madrid

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