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Good Day My Dearest,

My name is Mrs Sambo Dasuki, Wife of the former National Security adviser to former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (Grand Commander of the armed forces Federal Republic Of Nigeria). It has been hail with my family since the present Government took over power on 29th May 2015. The present President Muhammadu Buhari is bent on killing my husband in the prison custody. My husband and many to opposition party members have been maltreated like a non-living thing. My husband was accused of embezzling $2.1 billion dollars meant for purchase of arms for the fight against terrorism in Nigeria. The news about the false allegation is all over the internet, For more news kindly go to google and write Colonel Sambo Dasuki, You will get the full story. The present Government is fighting terrorism with the arms my husband bought based on the approval he got from the Former President.

My husband actually bought the arms to the tune of $2.1 billion for the Federal Government from one Russian arms company and Malaysian company, The 2 companies have just notified me of a discount which they have awarded to my husband. The discount amounted to $86,000,000.00. Please I need to secure the funds for my family because the present President has confiscated all the account that belongs to my husband including properties. We are left with nothing. All I require from you is honesty and nothing more. You must promise me that you will not betray us. It must be a secret because my husband has a wonderful relationship with the arms company. They are not happy with the treatment Nigerian Government is giving to my husband. They have awarded this discount because of the ill treatment my husband is receiving from the present wicked President.

I have cried to all Nigerians to help me beg the current president to allow my husband travel for medical treatment as my husband health is going down every day. I want this fund to be transferred to you for safe keeping and subsequently for investment purposes. my passport has been seized by the present administration and I do not want them to trace such funds in any of my account or in any of my relatives account.

If you are interested to help Dauski’s family kindly indicate your interest by providing your names, country of origin, telephone number. Our attorney shall take over the communication from me once I build that relationship with you. I shall throw more light in my next write up as soon as I hear from you.

God bless you.


Mrs. Sambo Dasuki
Abuja Nigeria
Email: [email protected]