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    Advanced Fee Scam

    From Owunila Lubi < owunila@gmail.com>
    To <>
    Sent Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 3:45 PM

    I got your information and i called you but you phone was on voice mail. You have send the shipment fee by Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram with the below information:

    Receiver Name: ASIBOR FELIX
    Address: Lagos Nigeria

    Once you send the fee you forward to me the sender information and the MTCN, upon the receipt of the shipment fee we will send you the original ATM Card.

    Best regards,


    On 11/13/2016 at 1:55 PM, "Owunila Lubi" < owunila@gmail.com> wrote:
    Dear Sir,

    Your message was received and the content well noted. Details on payment of the US$10.5 Million on the two method of payment as is given below.

    1. ATM card with daily with-drawer of US$20,000.00 limit, you are required to reconfirm your mailing address to enable the Courier Service deliver the hard copy. You will pay for the shipment $420.00 only. You will also send your full details to set up the ATM account and loaded the card in your favor.

    1 a. Regarding the ATM card you only need the following:
    b. Your full name
    c. Address
    d. Phone number(s) for easy communication
    e. Photocopy of your International Passport or Driver’s License for Identification purposes.

    Note. You cannot deduct any money from the total sum hence the Apex Bank has the total control and we heed on their strict instruction and the ethics of banking industry. The only authorization comes from the Apex Bank. The ATM card can be used in any ATM machine in the World while the Online account can be access on any web in the world. You can access the account by yourself and you can equally change your secret pin and it must be known to you alone as well as the password of your online account.


    Owunila Lubi

    On 11/13/2016 at 10:10 AM, "Owunila Lubi" < owunila@gmail.com> wrote:

    We write to inform you that due to several cancellations, demands for documents and Financial Security demands on your foreign payments of US$10. 5 M only, we have come to simplify the method of payments to enable beneficiary's easily receive their payment without further delay.

    Method of payments are through:


    be informed that one of our commercial banks here will be handling your payment as directed on any of the options above.

    Kindly specify the Method that suits you most,


    Ludi Owunila
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