I, am Nazeem Isaac. I was employed at CTI - Compliance Technologies International, Andover, Massachusetts. I prepared taxes for Microsoft. Once upon a time, I asked my employees for favor continuously and me being a Vice President/ Chief Technology Officer, one of the employee got pissed off at my request and came forward to do this favor for me, poor female didn't know what it will cost her. That female employee was asked to accommodate my aunt's daughter from the state of Kerala in India. Her name is Reena Muhammed, an Opthamologist. That female employee did not like Reena Muhammed from the initial sight of her as she looked like an evil person bound to bring bad happenings, it was just painted on her face and that female employee took a step back with just a look at Reena Muhammed. One night Reena Muhammed stayed as a tenant along with the female employee in her rented house. That night the female employee tried talking to Reena Muhammed and she was unwilling to talk to her and then she came to understand that Reena Muhammed was exhibiting psychotic behaviors. Due to the very fact that Reena Muhammed happened to be referred by the employer the female employee observed but kept quiet. Next day evening both Reena Muhammed and the female employee went to a big apartment complex and mesmerized by the resort type of look of the complex, Reena Muhammed insisted and was adamant with the female employee that they shift to the new apartment complex that night itself. Although it all sounded too penetrating of the female employee's life style, she tried to escape out of the situation stating relevant reasons that the rent for the current apartment has already been paid. But nonetheless, Reena Muhammed was unwilling to listen and forced the female employee to vacate the current apartment losing her paid rent and both of them moved to the resort type of apartment. There Reena Muhammed forced the female employee who was supposed to get in to direct employment with CTI - Compliance Technologies International, that her uncle's son, me, Nazeem Isaac is the boss, and that the female employee is obligated to do financial favors for Reena Muhammed. This was totally unacceptable to the female employee who never expected this favor of accommodating my aunty's daughter, Reena Muhammed and she requested Reena Muhammed to immediately vacate from residing in her apartment and also left CTI, Compliance Technologies International immediately not accepting direct employment with the concern. Bottom line, moral and ethics play a major role in how any company projects itself in the arena of Business and when morality and ethics is basically concerned, reputation of the Organization comes under a big question. Especially this being a Tax preparation company, I doubt if this Reena Muhammed and Nazeem Isaac can ruin anyone's present and future with their absolute thinking that they are one of the pillars of CTI, Compliance Technologies International. No one person should claim themselves so in any organization as an Organization has to live for many years to come but people have limitations such as this. I was terminated from my employment as a result of bringing my aunty's daughter Reena Muhammed to my workplace and introducing her to my employees. Due to family feud that I did not marry her which happens in muslim families, she was a divorcee herself and a bad omen. It is only normal that not all employees like asking them for any favor and I learned a good lesson taught by my colleague. Thanks.