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Thread: Cashconga.com?

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    The site appears to to operate like a pyramid scheme, only much more organized. You pay a monthly fee to be added to a list, and this fee in conjunction with new member fees generates money to be paid to "active" members, that is members at the top of the list. Once you get paid, you invest even more money into a list with a higher payout.

    Despite the fact that the system will obviously breakdown they seem to be generating many new members daily. The site owner professes that what he is doing is perfectly legal. Is it?

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    Re: Cashconga.com?

    thank your for your concern into ths site. I am the co-owner of this site, and I appreciate your questions on the legitamice of the program we are running. We have researched and spent many hours looking into the legality of what we are doing, and it is perfectly legal. We are offering our weekly newsletter to our members, and that is what they are paying for. So by offering our product, we are not a pyramid, nor a scheme.

    and as far as paying goes, you only pay $16 a month. nothing more.

    and the reason people keep joining is simple. we wont breakdown. ever. we have no liabilities other than hosting costs. We dont need to generate more money than there already in the system already, so if we have only 1 member, we will still be fully up and running! ( of course, they wouldnt get paid until about 4 months.) we are not an autosurf, or hyip! if we bail, we are destroying our own downline!!!

    if you have any other questions about the prgram, please let me know, and feel free to check out the forums we have available.



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