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    J&J Landscaping and Remodeling in Kentwood, MI

    Dont ever hire this so called company. I worked for Joel for 2 months and only got paid once. I worked 7 days a week atleast 12 hours a day for nothing, and I am not the only one. Everyone who has worked for him in the last 2 months has not got paid. Atleast 6 workers not including myself. He lies about his experience, he has little to none. When he has no idea how to do a job, He youtubes how to do it. He has a silver tongue so when you speak with him it sounds like he knows what he is talking about, but the truth is hes looking on his cell phone how to try and do the job. He will low ball every other company just to get a dollar. Ive known Joel for over 25 years and I know he has very little experience. Those of you looking for work done do not i repeat DO NOT call this company. Especially if its not landscaping because that about all he knows how to do, and most of the time he is winging that too. So save yourself the headache and just call someone else. To some it up he lies about his experience, he does bad work, and doesnt pay his employees. He is cheap work for a reason. You get what you pay for. I know this because we are family. So if he will screw his own family, he will screw you too.

    Joel Sumoski Jr
    J&J Landscaping and Remodeling
    4523 Burgis Ave
    Kentwood, MI 49508
    (616) 262-0941

    Shut him down before he scams another worker or customer.
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